There’s somebody in the post apocalypse world that has space tech.

Listen. Furiosa and the wives and the Vuvalini see satellites. But satellites decay in space: their orbits decay, they run out of stabilizer fuel, their computers die, they lose communication. Many can be maintained from the ground through radio contact, but after fourty or fifty years of neglect, most will be space debris or wil have burned up in the atmosphere. Most satellites that can be seen unaided are in low earth or medium earth orbits. Those orbits are the most unsteady because there’s so much atmosphere.

There is someone maintaining the satellites.

(I was wondering about that too – the implications are astounding. Given Miller’s attention to detail, this could be foreshadowing for MM5…)

(Is my cyberpunk au gonna become canon

OOC: Space Tech, you say?

[I went on a rant at Kal so the relevant bits are transcripted below]

because there’s a lot of tech that goes into Doing Space

nevermind that we went to the fucking moon on what is basically three of today’s pocket calculators hooked together

There’s radio, there’s telemetry, there’s image processing, there’s image processing, there needs to be a reason to HAVE the satellites maintained in the first place

So, there’s a place that has the infrastructure (electricity, satellite dishes, computational support, networking, clocks/timing) to talk to the satellites
but they also have either the necessity or the leisure to maintain the satellites

which, even if they’re not putting new ones in the sky, all the other resources they consume are expensive in a resource limited environment.

This means that there probably /wasn’t/ global nuclear war. The EMP & radiation would act like a solar flare and knock shit out of the sky

which is not to say that there wasn’t nuclear war. it just wasn’t global. Which makes sense, especially if Joe is poisoning the war boys, instead of it being a radiation problem. (Bartertown has radioactive water, though. but “clean” water is available, and max carried with him a Geiger counter. So, nuclear war happened, and so did fall out.)

[and then I derailed into talking about william gibson’s sprawl series]


Yeah, Okay! an earlier reblog of this post is going nuts, so this one of course is going to fall flat. BUT LISTEN

At the beginning of FR, Max is listening to a radio. A little handheld with a headset of some sort. It’s a gimmick to get the audience up to speed on the universe, but it’s also consistent with Max.

He’s crazy, but he’s not stupid. Everything he does has a reason. So, he’s listening to something real that isn’t his ghosts.

That means there’s someone broadcasting out there. Electricity. The luxury of maintaining a broadcast station.

And he specifically picked that radio and its headset up somewhere. It’s not the car radio. It’s not the police radio. Both of those are gone, because they’re useless to him. But he went out of his way at some point to pick up and maintain this little radio.

Who is he listening to?

I don’t know, but you know who doesn’t have radio capabilities? The Citadel.

The Citadel and the Bullet Farm, both run by military men who would know the benefits of radio communication to smooth operation. They have line of sight, which would make radio trivial. You could practically use a walkie talkie with that kind of line of sight. But no, they use morse code and a mirror.

But the Citadel has electricity. And it’s a safe bet that the Bullet Farm does too. Which would make them prime candidates for radio communication.

But they don’t. None of the vehicles that we see inside of have radios anymore. That tech is gone.

So. There’s someone out there with radio that Immortan Joe does not want the War Boys listening to. There is someone out there with a radio who is a threat to Immortan Joe.

With a policy of kill-all-trespassers and no radio communication whatsoever, the Immortan has incredibly information security: no outside information to pollute his custom brewed religion. There’s no way for War Boys to know that there’s anything else out there.

And hey, war boys aren’t stupid. Radios can be made out of a rock and a wire. Someone’s gonna figure it out.

And they get volunteered to the Bullet Farm mines or the Gas Town bloodsports. Half lives, you know?

#but if there’s someone out there why didn’t max tell furiosa about them?

Not to rain on the fun fic parade, but I think it’s possible that the one visible satellite (and the mention of others) is indeed only a legacy from the Before Time. Yes, many satellites will have suffered decayed orbits and re-entered. But there might be a few still visible. Mightn’t there?

Orbital mechanics experts: assemble. Important questions need to be answered. For science. And/or fic.

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