mostlythemarsh: Waiting for the Needle to Drop I look forward…


Waiting for the Needle to Drop

I look forward to this all week, tbh

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Tags: I don't know, b/c every friday he plays records, and posts photos of them, and at this point it's just this, this thing i look forward to, the weekend's just about here, mostlythemarsh is firing up the turntable, i think part of it is the nostalgia it evokes, you know how you kids are today, with your ipods and netflixes and internets, all that content at your command, back in the day we had... our stereo and our records, I mean there was tv and movies, but in terms of being able to cocoon away from the adult world, and be in our own space based on _our_ aesthetic choices, the records were it, and it meant something, the mechanics of that, handling the record, slipping the inner sleeve out of the cardboard, and the record out of the sleeve, putting it carefully on the turntable, gently lowering the needle, and that sound when the needle hit, and then the surface noise, and the music starting, i remember that.

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