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Craftversations is back in all its glory with Bri Cuoco who is…maybe not a natural born crafter. But we have a blast talking The LBD, For the Record, and The Voice, and learn to #craftyourtruth. Enjoy, and stay tuned for part two coming Friday!

I really loved this one, especially part 2, and not just because MK asked my question (though that, and the lovely thing she said, were wonderful). I loved it because the Craftversations magic was in full effect. There was such a nice arc across the episode, with the deeper discussion they got into toward the end and Bri commenting about how the crafting felt almost therapeutic.

The two of them together, even out of character, totally had the same cool chemistry that made Lydia/Mary so much fun to watch. It was fun, too, when Bri admitted that she hadn’t read the Epic Adventures yet, and MK had to hold back to avoid spoilers.

Also: As a person with very little craftiness, it was nice to feel like I had some representation on the show, to the point that I was laughing and going “no!” when Bri started brushing modge podge onto the already-applied glitter. But of course, as MK firmly and consistently pointed out, there’s no wrong way to craft; it’s the destination not the journey. And you could see it working; by the end Bri was visibly relaxed and crafting up a storm.

A+ episode would recommend.

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