orlansky: Seen in Times Square.


Seen in Times Square.

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Tags: by which i mean, sigh, honesty, sorry, this is the coolest, it definitely feels weird to be having meta aesthetic responses to makeup, probably feels weird for the very good reason, that it is weird, usually I try to limit myself to Like, rather than Reblog, when something strikes me that way, while also setting off the This Is Weird alarm, the This Is Weirdly Inappropriate For You, In Particular, Good Sir, alarm, but this one, especially with her expression, just seems too significant to pass by, this blog is a mirror, tapetum lucidum, to follow is to sit behind my eyes, looking out, i guess i do keep some secrets, but i try to be honest, and sometimes when i'm not sure, i come down on the side of more, rather than less, this was one of those times.

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