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Identification by Spider eyes.

Source unknown.

I can’t find a source link for the chart, but the drawings were the work of BugGuide user Lynette, who also wrote a useful (and illustrated) discussion of spider eye arrangements.

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Tags: insects, so cool, on the other hand, that aren't actually insects I realize, but that's what Sally uses to avoid my bug pictures, but in this case I think there's a very good chance that she wouldn't be bothered, the human brain is complex thing, if she weren't someone I cared about, I'd actually be really interested in knowing the answer in this case, because these images are 0% leggy, which is a big part of her problem, and not even visibly spider-ish, being just, if you're reading these tags Sally, a sort of schematic diagram of spider eye arrangements in different groups, which is the sort of obsessively classifying thing, that I love, witness the 50+ field guides on my overflowing bookshelves, one _could_ imagine actual spiders behind all those eye arrangements, and for a certain kind of person, that would be bad, phobias suck.

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