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m o r s o v + e l v i s

Yah! :D

love that car.  did elvis survive that btw?

Informed fan speculation is that yeah, he totally survived it. Because Elvis is actually Morsov. He:

  • starts the run as the Elvis car’s lancer,
  • flips off as seen here,
  • is picked up (off-camera) by that warboy on the motorcycle,
  • lances the Buzzard vehicle,
  • is plucked off and saved by the warboy swinging on the crane thingy,
  • takes over the fuel pod turret,
  • harpoons the pursuing Buzzard vehicle,
  • gets crossbowed in the face and torso, 
  • chromes himself, and
  • dies in a blaze of witnessed glory by leaping onto the buzzard vehicle with a thunderstick in each hand.

So, on balance, a fairly eventful day.

ETA: Oh, but if you meant, did the car survive, not sure. Someone could check to see if it’s on the car carrier in later scenes. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is, though I guess it’s also possible that the Citadel war party didn’t pass that point, having instead cut off the war rig by coming in from the side, as you see in the aerial shots when they’re closing in. But someone someone surely picked it up eventually. You’re not going to leave a sweet vehicle like that just lying around the Wasteland.

no i meant, isn’t Elvis the driver of the car?  i think i missed something along the way.

Oh, sorry. I’d seen some people refer to the lancer as Elvis in the past, so I assumed that’s who you meant. But yeah, it makes sense that “Elvis” would more properly speaking be the driver.

The clearest shot of him, I think, is when Furiosa walks past just after the title screen. Here’s that shot, cropped and over-exposed to try to get a better look at him:

It would be interesting to go carefully through the later scenes to see if anyone who looks like him is present.

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