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headcanon that the center of each target tattooed on the Bullet Farm Imperator is a gunshot scar

headcanon that the harness the guy on the right is wearing is the one that Max took and is seen with during the salt flats scene :o

DUDE. you might be right!! It had the same little length of tubing on the shoulder and all

No, that is the same fucking vest. I am about 99% sure of it. Given how this movie works, Max isn’t going to just pop up with a random vest the costuming department had that they liked. It’s going to follow and be from somewhere–visual storytelling and all. And dude there was on the Peacemaker, it makes perfect sense. I hadn’t noticed this yet alksdjfkldsfjkl

Also, some behind the scenes stuff I’ve read does support the idea that the Bullet Farm fighters have bullet scarification where the Citadel warboys have engine parts.

Fury Road: No Accidents

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