Male Gaze, composition choices, and Mad Max’s ‘locker room’ eye


So there was this one reblog on that post where I discussed Center framing, Composition, and Male Gaze with this comment:


The comment continues in typical mansplaining manner but I want to address this first bit specifically. Because the assumption that the women are framed that way because it’s an action shot is wrong from a technical standpoint.

There is a difference between Wanda gesturing with her hands almost having no space for her head in a composition that highlighted her breasts …


…and the way Tony is given ‘headroom’ while gesturing with his hands (see: any Iron Man Trailer). He still has his face prominent at the sweet spot of the Golden Ratio (for more discussion on what/where this is scroll down to the diagrams), his hands are on the other sweet spot, and it’s a very dynamic pose with great use of diagonals both foreground and background.


There is also a difference between Natasha almost having to bend her head so that her face stays on the screen while her chest and hips land in the sweet spots…


And the headspace that is given Thor. Thor’s face lands on upper Third (Rule of Thirds). They are both holding/threatening with weapons. 


But wait! you say, what if we want to emphasize the weapons?

Yeah there’s a way to do that too, without sexualizing your character and smashing their head almost off the frame…

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Tags: but still, this, fury road, meta, male gaze, in which I sigh at mcu movies for reasons I already understood emotionally, but now understand intellectually, it brings home to me that my first viewing of fury road, when I walked out thinking huh, that was cool, and so _different_, that I had to go back and watch it a bunch more times to understand just how it was different, this is how it was different, among other ways, in ways that lined up thematically, and reinforced each other.

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