Citadel Sociology: Black Foreheads?


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So I’ve been thinking about the guys who wear black foreheads in the Citadel and what it means within this imaginary world. I haven’t gotten my hands (eyes?) on anything that actually says “It means this in this case and that in that” as yet so this is just fan speculation based on one tiny costuming production note. I also don’t know that putting black foreheads on some actors and not others isn’t just a way to add visual interest to a crowd scene–it certainly could be. But given how much world-building and purely visual storytelling happens in this movie, I feel like I’ve got a leg to stand on here. I’m just making observations and trying to piece a pattern out of them. 

Remembering, of course, that we’re pretending that this imaginary world is as coherent and complete as the real one. (And someone may have totally thought of this already, but I’m going to make this post anyway.)

So. Black foreheads. Or: How do you spot an Imperator?

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Nothing about this analysis I don’t love.

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