yulinisworking: Meet the Artist | 2015 | short filmMeet Emily,…


Meet the Artist | 2015 | short film

Meet Emily, a feline filmmaker. She has some thoughts on her craft.

written & directed by Yulin Kuang

starring Molly the Cat as Emily
voiced by Mary Kate Wiles

shot by Zack Wallnau
production design by Jennifer Hwang
edited by Kyla Plewes
sound design by Justin Lee Dixon
score by Brian Grider

This is one of my favorite things I’ve directed.

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Tags: so cool, ha!, and actually beat me to posting it, but I guess I'll leave both of them up anyway, if you follow me, and aren't a particular fan of dystopian feminist action movies, you could probably use a break, in your long-suffering dashboard, so here, have two copies of one of my favorite things, that yulin has directed.

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