lere8: Pride and Prejudice 1995


Pride and Prejudice 1995

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Tags: , so good, such a moment of romantic resolution with NO EXTERNALLY VISIBLE PDA, I always think about the guy fiddling with the horse in this scene, and why he's there, is he there to provide some extra explanation for the no-PDA thing?, of course they'd start making out except for THAT GUY, or is it more a commentary on class, because darcy (who okay, is a snob) and lizzy (who's our heroine and above reproach), both basically treat him as if he's completely invisible, which is probably more or less historically accurate to their characters, or maybe it's this:, he's the stand-in for the audience, our viewpoint character in the scene, there to bear witness to this ultimate moment in the romance, that's been playing out across the whole miniseries, still don't know, but I dig that guy, his presence, I guess maybe it's just that extra layer, of the lives being lived among the common folk, for whom these darcy and elizabeth shenanigans, are as people magazine coverage of celebrities today, , and parlay his inside knowledge of the snatch of conversation he overheard, while he pretended to fiddle with the team's harness, for several rounds of stout, while he regaled those present with the news?, that OMG that wealthy northerner told her his feelings were still the same!.

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