desireearmfeldt: Someone is on your side, no one is alone


Someone is on your side, no one is alone

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Tags: but, whitney milam said on twitter she'd seen the movie and was underwhelmed, pretty but generic/safe/predictable, which is what i'd been worried about from the start, given disney+rob marshall, i've also seen some clips of meryl singing, that were amazing, and a clip of On the Steps of the Palace that was so cool, in how they'd re-imagined that song's place in the story, that I intentionally stopped seeking out the bits on YouTube, because I wanted to save it for opening on Christmas at the movies, and the thing is, the movie can be its own thing, it doesn't have to be the stage musical, sondheim wanted it to happen to hear the big orchestra, and I want to see these actors doing these characters, and even if I kind of trust Disney and Rob Marshall to be generic and safe, in a way that I've been moving away from in my personal aesthetic taste, for years now, such that I love the small and risky and flawed and personal, because they're Real in a way that Big things can't be, i'm still looking forward to seeing this movie, but regardless of all that, i'll always love this moment, because kim and chip and ben and danielle were so wonderful, and sondheim's music, of cousre.

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