sonnywortzik: little fury road things i dig way too much:toast knowing her way around guns. just….

Monday, June 1st, 2015


little fury road things i dig way too much:

  • toast knowing her way around guns. just. every gun. all of them
  • toast saying they can “squeeze off this little [gun] a raunchy 29 times” and looking at max like maybe she’s trying to get a reaction out of him but he does fuck-all
  • nux kissing capable on. the cheek. a cheek kiss. on the cheek. boy was spraying poison on his face a few scenes ago now he’s kissing people on the cheek don’t touch me
  • nux still referring to max as “blood bag” even after he’s part of their little makeshift family & how it’s another illustration of nux’s weird innocence. ‘cause “blood bag” isn’t inherently a derogatory term in his head it’s just stating a fact and he doesn’t have anything else to call max so it doesn’t occur to him that maybe max doesn’t want to be called “blood bag” but here we are
  • “tree thing”
  • the fact that the wives know what trees are even though they’re around the same age as nux (or younger) but they’ve got books/have probably read about trees & deduced that that thing is, in fact, called a tree
  • “stay where you are little joe. it’s kinda lost its novelty out here” dag pls
  • “warlord junior. gonna be so ugly” “it could be a girl” KEEPER OF THE SEEDS PLS
  • the way they light max’s eyes in the “hope is a mistake” scene 
  • when max tells furiosa his plan about cutting back through the canyon and blowing it up behind them and the kEEPER. OF THE SEEDS. SAYS “KABOOM”
  • that black-top in the final battle trying to intimidate furiosa by hissing at her and she roars and head butts him so hard dickhole probably ain’t got a face anymore
  • furiosa and max’s last fights being edited together because parallels and also punches n stuff being timed w/ drumbeats because the actual hero of this movie is punk rock 
  • when furiosa and the wives are pulled up on the platform at the end and they pull other people up w/ them (as opposed to those people being beaten down at the beginning)
  • the closeup of the dude w/ the facial growths who gets pulled onto the platform and is open-mouthed smiling so hard while gazing upwards idk he just makes me happy
  • the women who were hooked up to the milking machines being the ones to start the water flowing once they see immortan joe is dead
  • all the “fuck capitalism” content in this movie culminating in one big happy “NO SERIOUSLY FUCK CAPITALISM” final scene

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desireearmfeldt: Someone is on your side, no one is alone

Friday, December 19th, 2014


Someone is on your side, no one is alone

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