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You’re invited

I really hope you film the actual meet-up as well! Can there be like a gazillion extras or something in the in-world Hero video?

I think it’s really cool how easy it is for in-world and out-of-world channels to co-exist without it being a big imposition on the viewer. Because as viewers, we want to maintain the illusion. We will totally work with you as a creator to make that happen. Just show us the respect of giving us a world we can play in that follows its own set of believable rules, and we’ll do the rest.

And then the line between in-world and out-of-world can be as easy as a row of dashes in the video description. There. Was that so hard?

No. It wasn’t.

Thank you.

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Tags: fan space, creator space, world-building, ta da!, it occurs to me that this whole thing may make no sense at all, to anyone who doesn't live inside my head, if so, apologies.

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