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New World Vultures: Turkey Vulture flying along side the California Condor

Great comparison shot. I’ve still never seen a condor in the wild, though I live on the edge of their range.

I’ve gotta make that happen.

They’re majestic. I want you to see one in the wild! I’ve been lucky twice in Big Sur, but in theory you should be able to see them elsewhere in California.

And yes, this is a fabulous photo. If you just see one, it can be hard to know which of these two birds it is, unless you know to look for where the white is on the underwing (or unless you happen to see the tag, in which case definitely a California condor!). But when they’re together like here, you can see how much more ridiculously gigantic the condor is.

Yeah. The thing is, too, a turkey vulture is not small. It has a wingspan of nearly 6 feet. It just looks small next to that Cessna of a bird.

When I found out they were being seen in Big Sur I got so excited. The videos people have shot from Highway 1 are amazing. Elsewhere in their range you’re usually talking about a distant view through a spotting scope. But in Big Sur it apparently is more like, “Oh, hello there, Mr. Condor” as it cruises past you at eye level.

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