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Kissing in the Rain: Anne & Gilbert

Kissing in the Rain is so sweet and adorable and hilarious. It’s only two episodes in and it’s already just perfect.

Thank you John!

So hey, could this guy’s face be canon? Like he’s part of the #jily #ishipit movement, and he just posts pictures of himself reacting to his irl otp? This particular photoset would be in reaction to the AoGG trailer on the day it’s released.



1) Yes, awesome.

2) I love how it continues to put the pressure on Yulin in terms of what she does and doesn’t canonize. Like, is it cool to canonically hoist an actual person in-world and fictionalize him? Not just a fic or a piece of fanart, but an actual person? I realize that’s what happens to actors all the time, but does a fan who posts a picture of himself automatically grant the same kind of license to fictionalize his actual face?

I assume Ricky would be all over it, and like I said, awesome! But still, funny to me that this whole thing continues to be a never-ending series of wormy can openings for Yulin. :-)

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