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Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Goodman, Matt Damon and more read mean tweets

It’s B-e-n-e, dickhead…

Oh Ben. Never change.

Seriously though. Watch this. All these people are fabulous and sassy. So much sass. Lots of sass, older sass, all the sass.

OMFG…I’m crying I’m laughing so hard…the look on his face was fucking PRICELESS!!!


Okay. One more thing Twitter is good for.

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Tags: also, anyway, grudging twitter acknowledgment is grudging, i posted a photo of TMO on Twitter last night, but this morning he told me that my referring to him as TMO on Tumblr is something he finds demeaning, the way he said this made it clear that he's aware of my use of the TMO acronym, , but it was said in front of two teenage girls who attend his school, so that probably gets him a pass on couching his statements with a view to the maintenance of his cred, I will no longer refer to him as TMO, from now on he's just going to be, my son, which I guess could be taken as demeaning as well, so I should clarify that he's not just going to BE my son, he's going to be himself, a fully realized (if still developing into complete adulthood) person, as are we all, these tags kind of got away from me, I blame Katie, which I realize is not an adult position to take, but like I said, I'm still developing.

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