ok. they make tumblr more money, which is more for the hard working staff and more for the advancement of tumblr. this money will go to new features THAT YOU WANT. they DO NOT make tumblr terrible.

The fact that horror and other trigger activating images are going untagged among these sponsored posts. LET STAFF KNOW. REBLOG THIS.

Thankfully, these particular sponsored gifs have not (yet) shown up on my dash, but they sound like an extremely good way for Tumblr to lose users. As someone who is very easily frightened or disturbed by that sort of thing and who has sleep problems already, I’m quite worried about this.

I do understand why sponsored posts have to happen. I just don’t see why they have to be harmful. By all means, get the most creative, interesting ads—but not ones that many people would go to extraordinary lengths to avoid even if they were not “sponsored”. 

I imagine the staff in charge of this thinking that almost any ad will offend someone, so it isn’t their responsibility to judge which ads to accept. But certainly they must see our point that anything depicting graphic violence is majorly problematic. We are not talking about making people angry because the ad offends their political sensibilities (though I’m likely to be upset about some ads for those reasons, too). We are talking about people having nightmares for reasons outside their control.

Tumblr is, by and large, a very considerate place. We all try to tag our posts if we think the content might reasonably cause upsetting feelings to other readers. This enables readers to take care of themselves by avoiding those tags. 

Please, Tumblr/Yahoo!, treat us with the same respect and consideration we treat one another!

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