Persuasion: The Next LBD?


Having just recently gotten into Austen (I’ve only read P&P, Persuasion, half of Emma, and Sandition), I don’t have a huge amount of knowledge about many of Austen’s works. Still, I do think that Persuasion would be an ideal candidate for a vlog-style adaptation in the spirit of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

This got obscenely long, so it’s under the cut.

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This mostly makes sense to me. I don’t necessarily agree with the people I’ve seen saying that Clueless precludes Pemberley Digital adapting Emma; Clueless came out 18 years ago, which at least in my mind is plenty long enough for another adaptation to be done. There were only 10 years between the BBC miniseries and the Joe Wright adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, after all, and those were necessarily a lot closer together as straight period adaptations than 200-years-later updates of Emma would be.

But I love Persuasion, and really like the way this post outlines how it could be updated. A reality series rather than a vlog sounds more expensive to produce, but not necessarily too expensive; a reality show would still be cheaper than conventional TV, and would solve a whole list of problems that Bernie Su & Co. spent the last year wrestling with. (Just how many times can someone pop by unexpectedly and sit down next to Lizzie just as she’s recording her vlog?)

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