Reblog if you want one more Lydia Bennet video blog before the series ends.


At the very least.

And yes, I will keep reblogging these. Always.

I’m in. Though I can see it both ways. There’s the school of thought that says, basically: “Choose your battles. When you’re in a hole, stop digging.” But then on the other side there’s the school of thought that says, “Hater’s gonna hate. To thine own self be true.”

And then I guess there’s the third school of thought, which looks at the first two with a puzzled expression, before shaking its head and saying, “Whatever. I just want to see things wrapped up in a way that feels satisfying. Clearing up how Lydia feels about what happened would help with that. Also, I bet it would sell enough Diet Pepsi to pay for itself.”

I’m currently attending all three schools, which I accomplish by forging a lot of sick notes and being massively tardy. But I would watch this if they made it.

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