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Comet PANSTARRS on March 13, 2013 as see from Newington, New Hampshire, USA. Credit and copyright: John Gianforte (

Comet PANSTARRS on March 14, 2013, as seen in the Arizona skies. Credit and copyright: Chris Schur.

C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS on March 14, 2013. Taken in Hachimantai City Japan. Credit and copyright: Jason Hill.

Comet PANSTARRS seen from Oakland, California. Taken on March 12, 2013. Credit and copyright: Jared Wilson.



PanSTARRS Comet Pictures

Credits (in order of appearance):
John Gianforte
Chris Schur
Jason Hill
Jared Wilson


I still haven’t seen this comet. Every night it’s either been too cloudy or I’ve been busy around sundown.

Same here. Though I did finally get my resurfaced mirror properly reinstalled and collimated.

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