This was favorite bedtime reading for both my kids. And for the…

This was favorite bedtime reading for both my kids. And for the dad reading it.

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  1. shcb Says:

    another mass murder in New York, the guy used a shotgun, a ban on ugly guns with lots of bullets wouldn’t have helped again. but ban em baby ban. Makes us feel good, and that is really what matters.

  2. enkidu Says:

    The Stinky Cheeseman is literally on my desk and has been for weeks. So are books by Eric Carl, Leo Lionni, Mary Blair and so on. I’m developing a app that reinvents fairy tales and fables a la tSCMaoFSS. You read a ‘normal’ fairy tale like Aesop’s ant and dove, mouse and lion then you ‘flip’ the story (flip w finger or rotate tablet/phone, mb shake it) and the whole thing goes all bizarre/gross/wacky/wild/fun/goofy. Got to do something fun when I retire and a series of apps that take on fables and fairytales sounds like a fun 20 year project. Better than cleaning up marketing crap for giant corporations who couldn’t give a sh!t about anything but next quarter’s profits…

    The typography in tSCMaoFSS is also super fun. Sadly “Topsy Turvy Tales” was already taken by Roald Dahl (the original name for my series). Rocky and Bullwinkle also played this game. Remixing culture IS culture. We’re hoping to be banned at the Apple App Store.

    Of course here is wwnj with his gun pr0n nonsense. No one wants your grandpaps over/under shotgun. But if you’ve illegally modified your AR15, you should go to jail (or the psych ward more likely). You don’t need a SAM, you don’t need a machine gun. If you don’t like our laws get thee quick to Somalia! Go galt. Just go.

  3. shcb Says:

    I just wanted to see if anyone was still here

  4. shcb Says:

    Of course you want to take my guns, all of them, you and Di Fi and every other liberal out there. It’s in your DNA, my liberal friend here said she doesn’t care if a company here in Colorado that makes ammo moves, I explained to her that if they move to Texas or Oklahoma, two states that are actively recruiting companies being pushed out of other states, that the bullets would just be made there, all that is lost in Colorado is the jobs. But of course as with all liberals she thinks with her heart not her mind, she doesn’t care.

    I was in plants in Minnesota and Wisconsin last week, both were making gun related parts as fast as they can, Democrats are the best thing for the gun industry. One place had 3 machining centers set up exclusively for picatinny rails, they had retrofitted the entire Iraqi army before we pulled out. They thought they could use that equipment for other jobs after finishing arming an entire nation’s military, but guess what? Di Fi has kept those machines running at full capacity!

    But hey, if it makes you feel better pass a bunch of worthless laws. (We got the guns he he he)

    Trust me, Di Fi and he crew want my guns, all of em, that is the end game, anyone that says different is either stupid or a liar.

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