This will end well!

I like the idea of this. But the venue isnt quite right. Maybe the bottom of the sea would be a better locale? True, the desolation of Texas might be a more Glenn’s Galt Gulch environment. But it seems so familiar… maybe they should consider a biblical name like Rapture? I hear this Fontaine fellow is very interested in investing! I would love to have the Ammo Bandito concession. Looks like the Enrage plasmid is already widely distributed amongst the hoi polloi.

Go Galt! or Glen! please, just go! go go go!

Are we absolutely *sure* this isn’t a promo stunt for Bioshock Infinite?

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  1. knarlyknight Says:

    In a nutshell:

  2. knarlyknight Says:

  3. shcb Says:

    Exactly what laws did they break?

  4. knarlyknight Says:

    Fraud. Watch the Frontline report.

  5. enkidu Says:

    Great news citizens! The license for the gun manufactory in The CitadelĀ® (a planned right wing mountain-top fortress where everyone is *required* to carry a gun at all times) has been approved! For just $1550 you can get your own! AR-15 type semiautomatic rifles and 1911 pistols.

    Looks like you lost a little weight there rick (scroll down)

    How is the plasmid development going? Fontaine very interested in investing.

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