Hyperbole and a Half’s “Wolves”

Julia (the firstborn) showed me this. I’d never seen Allie’s Hyperbole and a Half before, and am sorry I missed it. I haven’t read her whole site yet, but so far this is very much my favorite: Wolves.

Benny came to the birthday party because his mom had volunteered him to help supervise the children. He must have felt out of place being the lone teenage boy amidst a flock of over-excited six-year-old girls, but we welcomed his presence. We saw him as a sort of prop that we could manipulate in our imaginary games – a living, breathing human that would submit to pretending to be whatever we wanted it to pretend to be. On that particular day, we wanted to play a game called “wolf pack” which we had invented after watching a documentary about the hunting tactics of wolves.

So hilariously wonderful.

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  1. enkidu Says:


    Merry Christmas!

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    Awesome wonderfulness “Wolves”.

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year. http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html

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