The 2012 Election Map, Adjusted for Population

We’ve all seen the red state/blue state voting map. Oh my god! Look at all that red! How do the Democrats ever elect anyone?

But then you can do county-by-county breakdowns, or shades of purple based on the popular vote in each county, and you start to get a clearer picture.

But here is Chris Howard’s even-better version of those maps, and this time I think it’s actually getting pretty close to representing how “red” or “blue” the country really is. What he’s done in this case is to do the county-by-county blended-red-vs.-blue thing, but then he’s adjusted the color saturation based on how populous each county is, so that the lightly populated “red” states fade to a more-accurate light pink.

So, here you go: America in the 2012 election:

3 Responses to “The 2012 Election Map, Adjusted for Population”

  1. enkidu Says:

    seventh map… the one just above the two smaller side by side maps…
    the surface area is related to the number of votes in that county, the mix of the colors indicates the amount of margin.

    The tinting above is nice and informative too. Tho I think it understates the density of urban areas. Dirt don’t vote. People vote. And people increasingly live in urban/suburban areas.

    How about we adopt dipping your finger in purple dye to indicate you voted?

  2. shcb Says:

    I think we should make up a liberal drinking game. Give a cheap bottle to a bum every time Barry blames Bush for his ecconomy. Oops, he did it today, better stop by the package store.

  3. enkidu Says:

    hurp durp

    You’d get drunker quicker if you drink when President Obama talks about his accomplishments (recovery, reinvestment, tax cuts for the middle class, osama dead, lots more where that came from). Acknowledging the policies that wrecked the global economy starts by saying the name of He Who Shall Not Be Named: George W. McFuckup, no that’s not it, George W. Drydrunk? Hmmm still not right, George W. Halfwit? George W. I-Failed-So-Badly-we-lost-the-world- trade-centers, an-american-city, bungled-two-wars-and-tanked-the-global-economy?

    But what’s in a name, right?

    Honestly, the bitterness of acknowledging reality is obviously too much for you. Your guy sucked so bad, he lost to a guy with the middle name of “Hussein”

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