Martin: Republicans on Their Closed Media Universe

I think Politico’s Jonathan Martin must have been told, “write a piece in which prominent Republicans find as many possible ways to say ‘epistemic closure’ without ever actually using that phrase.” The result is pretty impressive: The GOP’s media cocoon.

Bring on the thesaurus:

  • “a political-media coccoon that has become intellectually suffocating and self-defeating”
  • Pauline Kaelism
  • “the hermetically sealed bubble — except it’s not confined to geography but rather a self-selected media universe in which only their own views are reinforced and an alternate reality is reflected”
  • “‘an era of on-demand reality‘”
  • “‘We have become what the left was in the ’70s — insular.'”
  • “…this reassuring pocket universe
  • “Like a political version of ‘Thelma and Louise,’ some far-right conservatives are in such denial that they’d just as soon keep on driving off the cliff than face up to a reality they’d rather not confront”
  • “the choose-your-own-adventure news world
  • “‘Social media has made it easier to self-select…a universe… that is wedded to its own self-fulfilling prophecies‘”
  • “‘Unfortunately, for us Republicans who want to rebuild this party, the echo chamber [now] is louder and more difficult to overcome'”

The article goes on to talk about the market forces that create and sustain this hermetically sealed information space, and how Republicans concerned with winning future elections might work to transcend it.

4 Responses to “Martin: Republicans on Their Closed Media Universe”

  1. enkidu Says:

    heh, read those comments on Politico
    Page after page of angry white guys yelling how Romney was too moderate (actually, we couldn’t tell if the man had any core beliefs other than money) and how if they’d just run a real rock ribbed far right whackadoodle we’d a won this thing!

    The Wingnutoverse had a head-on collision with Reality on Election Night and it wasn’t pretty.

  2. enkidu Says:

    gosh, I wonder if this lady watches fox? listens to AM radio?

    note to lady – R/R *won* your state’s EC votes. durp
    Republicans will learn next to nothing from Obama’s landslide victory.

  3. shcb Says:

    that’s too funny! my guess is she and her husband deserve each other.

  4. NorthernLite Says:

    And then there’s this guy…

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