And this is why we have organized labor.

I just came across this and wanted to share it.

This is why we have labor laws and why people think ‘Maybe we should get organized.’ I’m a Nikon man myself, I hope their employees are doing better.

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  1. enkidu Says:

    I am sure you all read that article about the plane in the Hudson – This Miracle Brought to You by America’s Unions? Seems from the pilot, to the stewards and stewardesses, to the ferry operators, police and firefighter, EMTs and more… they were all Union. Gee weren’t the air traffic controllers once part of a union? hmmm

    Oh and don’t forget about the crew of that vessel the pirates attacked, all union and they had drills about how to handle boarders and pirates.

    I find it amazing that unions are so demonized. When did high wage, good value jobs become so Evil?

  2. shcb Says:

    Believe it or not I agree with you. This is why we have unions, when employers go past a certain point people band together and force change. The problem is when the union starts to exist for itself. It these employees formed a union, went on strike to regain some sanity in their work place and then disbanded or minimized the union to nothing more than a letterhead I would have no problem with unions. At some point political animals always seem to take over the union and use it to their own gain and use the workers as their pawns.

  3. Steve Says:

    My union negotiated a contract where we get paid by the hour. That pretty much boils down to the reality that I work 40 hours every week and there is no pressure to work more unless the project demands it. When money is on the line, management values my time as much as I do.

    There are no egregious violations of employees where I work, and I’m still fine with the union continuing to exist. The union does a good job of meeting once a month and putting out a newsletter. I’m glad to know they’ll be there if we need them.

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