Free Basketball Hoop to Good Home

This story caught my eye, in part because I have a basketball hoop I want to get rid of. I should post an ad on Craigslist, like Sherry Huwitt did:

Free basket ball goal and tether ball pole. At dead end of roadway beside my home…(address) dont knock its placed out there for you to come get. will delete when gone. thanks.

Except Huwitt didn’t post the ad. Her neighbor, who didn’t want her to keep the hoop and tetherball in her yard, did. And he succeeded: By the end of the day, the hoop and tetherball were gone. Oh, and the neighbor who placed the fraudulent ad… is a cop.

Details: Mansfield woman says Arlington officer offered her possessions on Craigslist without her consent.

I like the quote from the district attorney’s office:

We don’t really know what the offense is yet. There are several different offenses that might fit. That’s why the district attorney is reviewing it, to find out if there is a criminal offense and, if so, to find out which offense fits the best.

Or the county prosecutor:

“I’m having to look up a lot of the law,” she said, “to determine one, if the law was broken, and what that law is.”

Nice of the DA and prosecutor to give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt like that. But do you suppose the wheels of justice would be grinding in that particular way if he wasn’t a police officer? What if he had given away, say, Huwitt’s car?

Not the biggest outrage in the world, obviously. But interesting.

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  1. Steve Says:

    If I walked up to a random person on the street and said, “go take that basketball hoop, it’s free.” Would a law have been broken?

    The neighbor basically tricked innocent people into breaking the law (theft). I think the issue really has to do with what a reasonable person would think in such a situation.

    I think the closest situation would be a garage sale. What if someone besides the owner pretended to be the host and started giving things away at my garage sale. Is that against the law?

    I’m not sure yet, but I think the neighbor basically stole the hoop (by pretending to be the owner and then giving it away) in a sneaky way. He should buy them a nicer replacement.

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