Do Re Mi in the Central Station of Antwerp

Like an Improv Everywhere stunt, but with better production values:

4 Responses to “Do Re Mi in the Central Station of Antwerp”

  1. shcb Says:

    Paul Harvey would have said “now wash your ears out with this”

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    Awesome. Makes me wonder if even ten percent of military expenditures were re-directed towards organizing and funding random Arts such as that what kind of world we’d have now.

  3. enkidu Says:

    very fun, if a bit ‘stagey’ =)

    long after we are gone, our descendants will make music to honor their creators
    takes a while to really get going

    boingboing has a series of posts on CNC machines belting out chiptune hits (as well as other gear put to such diabolic uses)

    I used to be able to mimic the sound of various old modems handshaking…
    a lost Art

  4. I Dare Ya… | Says:

    […] Do Re Mi in the Central Station of Antwerp […]

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