Weepies + Obama

I knew that The Weepies (about whom, you must realize, I’m fairly obsessed) had provided some audio for an Obama ad, but hadn’t seen it until now. Here you go:Two observations:

1) If you know the song, its lyrics make a pretty cool meta-commentary on the subject of the ad.

2) How Obama is this: Even when he’s doing a negative ad, he still can’t resist using The Weepies, for heaven’s sake, the most uplifting, positive band in the history of the universe, for the soundtrack.

Here’s the whole song, if you’re curious:

3 Responses to “Weepies + Obama”

  1. knarlyknight Says:

    Thanks for that post.

  2. enkidu Says:


  3. ymatt Says:

    Oh man, I love that ad. I think the Weepies usage was intentional, in the sense that Obama’s relentlessly cosistent “brand” is hope.

    The typical attack ad uses scary music, harsh images, ominous voices; it seeks to make you afraid of the other guy. This ad just makes you want to laugh at the other guy and his winking sidekick. The implicit message is “doesn’t it feel good to know you don’t have to vote for these silly people?”

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