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  1. enkidu Says:

    I was thinking about posting this, but it fits well here:

    People are excited about the prospect of real change. McCain decided to run one of the sleaziest campaigns ever. Maverick? The Maverick family sent him a cease and desist as he was smearing their good name.

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    I predict the Obama campaign has peaked today.

    Six days left, hopefully Obama/Joe ticket will keep climbing in the polls and the Dem voters won’t become complacent by Tuesday. Keeping engaged for another 6 days is expecting a lot from yer typical Democrat.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Obama on Jon Stewart’s show which is being taped today.

  3. knarlyknight Says:


    I looked up “Maverick” it seems that name represents everything that McCain is not.

  4. NorthernLite Says:

    By pure definition of the word “maverick” nobody that belongs to a political party can really claim that title.

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