A Picture Worth a Thousand Words. Even If It Only Has Two.

Via Larry Downing of Reuters, via First Draft:

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  1. adam_blust Says:


  2. TeacherVet Says:

    Why does the sign appear to be stuttering?

  3. treehugger Says:

    How can a sign stutter? Dude, you really need to lay off the meth for awhile.

    It looks like the person has a couple of copies in their hand. Speaking of stuttering, it was awesome watching Condi as she got smacked down by Barbara Boxer.

  4. TeacherVet Says:

    Oops, sorry. Must remain serious, eh dude?

    Speaking of math, the troop death toll is way down this month. Something must be done, and quickly. Perhaps when the new targets arrive your success rate will go up. Bush reached across the aisle for suggestions, but now the great Dem thinkers seem to be saying, “For months we’ve been saying to increase troop numbers, Mr. Bush, but we didn’t mean for you to increase troop numbers.” Apparently they meant, “Increase the troop casualty numbers (giving us greater political leverage).”

  5. TeacherVet Says:

    And, sometimes their prayers are answered. 27 more troop casualties in the two days since the post above – that should be pleasing to them.

    Sorry to sound so bitter, but when those enemies whose only hopes of success are dependent upon the American left (just as was the case in Vietnam)…

  6. enkidu Says:

    Your delusions are getting more dangerous and dysfunctional by the minute.
    lay off the meth (dude)

    Dems have had a neary unified message for at least a year now: bring them home. Dems/libs/progs/inds all want fewer US casualties and needless sacrifice. How many more good and true citizens must die to feed bush’s folly? How many more Iraqis must die? We invaded another country to sieze their oil wealth when it became expedient to do so. Invading countries ‘to secure the peace’ used to be something the Nazis did… now it’s just the shrubco plan of action (next stop, Tehran). Hey btw howz shrubbie’s mid east road map doing?

    We should have stayed in Afghanistan with those 150,000 troops now bogged down in Iraq. Remember Osama bin Laden? dead r alive? infinite justice?

    The American ‘left’ didn’t lose the war in Iraq: idiots like you and bush did.

    You are a sick individual: seek help. And you should ask for your money back from your operation last year… your head is still firmly planted up your ass.

  7. TeacherVet Says:

    Another Inky-doo post filled with nothing but insults based on straw man arguments. Meaningless, and worthless… unless it impresses the little office girls.

    Osama bin Laden? If he’s alive, he, too, is meaningless at this point. He’s not even putting out your supportive videos, and wouldn’t even be an effective martyr anymore.

    I don’t know if “neary” was meant to say “clearly” or “nearly,” but either way it’s a blatant lie. Your Dem leaders have been demanding a troop increase for the past year, as late as December. If you’ve gotten how to Google, I’ll gladly provide links to verify their statements. They’ve flipped-flopped, (but what’s new?) – unless, of course, you’re only referring to Orca the Great and Little John.

  8. treehugger Says:

    If my prayers were answered (btw, I don’t pray), zero troops would have died on that day, because I believe they shouldn’t have never been sent there in the first place, jack-ass.

  9. ethan-p Says:


    Speaking of math, the troop death toll is way down this month. Something must be done, and quickly. Perhaps when the new targets arrive your success rate will go up…

    …Sorry to sound so bitter, but when those enemies whose only hopes of success are dependent upon the American left (just as was the case in Vietnam)…

    TeacherVet — why all the hating? I thought that you were part of the love party and your opposition was only to the haters and pro-death party (remember, you lumped me in with all of the lefties and called me a hater?). ;)

    My baiting remarks aside, I’m with you; we could win the war in Iraq and could have ‘won’ Vietnam if the American public had a taste for long-term ideological wars, and maybe some indiscriminate killing of civilians. I mean, damn our civility. If you think that this is just the leftists that are against the war, I strongly disagree. If it were just the leftists, we’d be in the same place we were in 2003 — there would be a bunch of vastly outnumbered naysayers talking loudly and failing to change anything. Today, we’re talking about a substantial majority who never had the stomach for long-term military deployment in the first place. Remember that when this war was sold to us, it was going to be short and sweet. Some of us were sold on the neoconservative ideology, especially because it was the only long-term plan that was different from what we’d been doing in the past. Now, there are reports surfacing of Henry Kissinger appearing at the White House again — which suggests that we’re looking back at the cold, pragmatic policies of the past.

    Anyway, if you want to believe that liberals are the problem and are what our enemies depend on…keep on believing it. However, I respectfully disagree. We’re at the point where the majority of Americans (who tend to be moderate) can no longer tolerate the persistent botching of wartime execution and the same old story from the executive branch. I’m sure that the left-wing’s constant naysaying doesn’t help, but it’s not the reason why we’re in the mess that we’re in. IMO, it may have a bit more to do with neoconservative ideology than anything else. This isn’t a partisan thing, I’ve already established that I resent the partisan game and don’t like voting for either Demicans or Republicrats.

    Is the notion that the public was deliberately misinformed during the run up to this war that outlandish to you? Maybe that’s outside the scope of this discussion, because it is sort of a dead horse. If so, my bad.

    Finally, and since you used the term with another poster in this thread, I think that your reference to JBC’s graphs and numbers is a total straw man argument. This is specifically in reference to your using the term ‘success rate’. From my previous knowledge of you, I’d guess that you’re trying to be cute and cynical, but I know what you’re trying to get at…and it’s a hell of a straw man argument.

  10. TeacherVet Says:

    I don’t see any reference I made on this thread to jbc’s graphs and numbers, so I couldn’t have made a straw man argument. I did mention (based on antiwar.com statistics) that only 24 deaths had been reported as of Jan. 20, some of them non-combat related. That figure was lower than the first 20 days of any month in about three years. We then had a disastrous weekend, beginning the next day.

    I don’t actually believe think that anyone on either side of the aisle wishes for increased troop casualties, but the American left certainly depends on them (and uses them) for justification of their political goals. Of course, they become upset when anyone recognizes their politicizing of the war – because they know it is wrong to do so.

    There has been constant (agenda-driven) speculation that the public was “deliberately misinformed” in the run-up to the war, but that (mere) speculation is the only “proof” offered. Perhaps, if we could have a good, healthy impeachment on those grounds… but in lieu of that event, we must rely solely on repetitive speculation. Thanks, Goebbels!

  11. TeacherVet Says:

    Would anyone like to borrow some apostrophes? I have a few spares.

  12. enkidu Says:

    Here is a quote – pretty unambiguous – full of the type of lies that lost you the last election. These are your words Macaca-san, not Dems:

    “Bush reached across the aisle for suggestions, but now the great Dem thinkers seem to be saying, “For months we’ve been saying to increase troop numbers, Mr. Bush, but we didn’t mean for you to increase troop numbers.” Apparently they meant, “Increase the troop casualty numbers (giving us greater political leverage).””

    and of course:

    “And, sometimes their prayers are answered. 27 more troop casualties in the two days since the post above – that should be pleasing to them.”

    But now you state “I don’t actually believe think that anyone on either side of the aisle wishes for increased troop casualties”

    You flip flop so fast I think we should hook you up to some sort of electrical generator. It would reduce our dependence on middle-east oil. Your agenda is clear: smear, lie, slime, repeat. Add gratuitous Nazi reference while wailing about how anyone who isn’t a rightwingnutjob like you is a “traitor” a “creature” “rude” “vulgar” and so on.

    Yes, yes, make a stink that I made (drumroll please) a spelling error! Neary should be nearly, wow, you are clever! So if spelling is so damn important to you ‘teach’ how come u mangle the language every time you type? Is the meth/sterno getting to you? For example wtf does this mean? “If you’ve gotten how to Google…” Is that like some suh’thrn lingo I am not familiar with? Gotten? Like guten? Gott im himmel? You sure you aren’t some sort of crypto-Nazi? Because you sure as hell talk like a fascist prick. “believe think”? Nah, belief sufficeth for morons and thuglicans.

    The shrubco junta lied us into Iraq. It is pretty well documented, but no amount of fact or rational argument will break thru your magical thinking/belief in a failed regime.

    Go read Jim Webb’s response to that pathetic SOTU (more like a STFU).

  13. TeacherVet Says:

    I didn’t “make a stink” about your typo, I simply questioned which word you intended. You still haven’t clarified it, although it was a lie either way.

    Quotes that are incomplete or out of context are worthless. No, I don’t think Dems actually want more troop deaths, but they are certainly eager to use them for political gain. In what way is that statement characteristic of Nazism?

    I missed the “facts” that “proved” the “shrubco junta” lied us into Iraq. Please provide them… or, of course, just restate the “Bush lied” mantra.

    I lost the last election? Strange. I don’t even remember running.

    I was on the road, and didn’t hear either Bush’s speech or Webb’s rebuttal. Did Webb’s response include any references to putting a child’s penis into a man’s mouth? Did he repeat his statement that the idea of women in the military is “a horny woman’s dream”? Did he use the “N” word (again)? Did he wear his son’s combat to give himself some credibility? Please enlighten me.

    If you limited yourself to substantive statements, that sentence would take much less time to type.

  14. treehugger Says:

    ethan-p – Reading the latest postings on this site, I have come to a conclusion: You write really thoughtful posts, articulating yourself and you points very clearly. Just thought I would mention that.

  15. leftbehind Says:

    The very idea that Enkidu would call anybody else out for gratuituous nazi references boggles the mind – especially when he goes on to needlessly call Teacher Vet a nazi and a fascist in the VERY SAME POST that he scolds him for “nazi references.” Enkidu is obsessed with Nazism, or at least with trying to shut other people up by calling them nazis. Even if the person he’s arguing with doesn’t mention nazis, he will, just so he can go on some tirade about Nazis. What the fuck is this pigeon German he bursts out with every time he gets riled, which is like, all the time? I know its supposed to somehow scold or discredit Teacher Vet in some way, but it really doesn’t. And, while we’re at it, what’s up with the fake “suthun redneck thang?” he pulls out of his ass constantly? Teacher Vet could be from Goddamn New Jersey for all he knows. Enkidu has about two rhetorical tricks and they both suck, no matter how many times he tries to make them look cool. I agree with him about Bush AND the war, and I still think he’s an asshole. I guess that makes me a redneck, nazi tank pilot, but if hating Enkidu is wrong, I just don’t want to be right. Ethan P – you’ve got more brains in your one head than Enkidu would have in five. Could you give him some pointers?

  16. leftbehind Says:

    …and no, Enkindu, my comments here – as shrill as they are – do not in anyway constitute an endorsement, formal or otherwise of Genocide or violence against any group, ethic, social, political or religious, particularly (although not exclusively) the Chinese. Nor do they in anyway constitute a threat of violence towards yourself in in any way, with special mention made of my particular disdain for vehicular assault in any motor vehicle including, but not resticted to, a tank or other armoured transport. All of the lampshades in my house are made from synthetic materials, and the only soap I use is Irish Spring.

  17. leftbehind Says:

    …also, I was raised above the Mason Dixon line and know little German outside “farfignugin.” There. That should cover all your usual points of attack. Maybe you’ll come up with something original…give that Lyndon LaRouche impersonation you usually do a little unexpected “umph.” The kids’ll love it.

  18. TeacherVet Says:

    Leftbehind, actually you misread inkidu’s statement. He wasn’t scolding me for any Nazi reference I’ve ever made, because I’ve made none. His scattered thoughts are often tough/impossible to decipher, but I assume he was just “adding” another meaningless Nazi comment in lieu of any viable argument. It doesn’t bother me; having to resort to such tactics as that, the silly drug references, etc. constitute a tacit concession.

    As for geographic background, I’m originally from The Netherlands, reared in Muskegon, MI, but relocated to the sunny South when my parents moved to Georgia several years ago. Of course, since Muskegon is in southern Michigan, it’s obvious to enkidu that I’m a redneck. Again, it’s too laughable to be upsetting.

    treehugger, I agree that ethan-p is knowledgeable and very articulate.

  19. enkidu Says:

    wow, u kids are funny

    TV/Macaca/Monkey Boy writes “He wasn’t scolding me for any Nazi reference I’ve ever made, because I’ve made none.” Which is directly contradicted by his “Thanks, Goebbels!” just in this thread. His repeated depiction of any person who supports a woman’s right to choose as a Nazi can be picked up in many of his previous posts. Facts seem to have a decidely liberal bias (ie they don’t support wingnuttery like you might wish).

    TV’s continued ‘blame librls-n-Democrats first’ bullshit needed some smackdown. Iraq is a deadly place for our forces and a distraction from finding and killing the criminals who perp’ed 9/11. These real enemies continue to plot, plan, coordinate and inspire hatred against the US. But the rightnutjobs need an enemy at home to blame for your (mis)leader’s fuck-ups.

    I wonder, do any of you nutters actually know anyone who has worked directly with Glorious (mis)Leader? I do. This person worked directly with shrub and is a Republican. His opinion is that shrub isn’t stupid (for example he would give the preznut a briefing one day and the next day when meeting with him, shrub had read through the doc, highlighting passages, asking questions etc). His direct one on one take of why bush is a failure is because shrub is blinded to other opinions, facts and solutions. There is only the Shrub Way. That sounds an awful lot like you nutjobs. BTW this person quit because he couldn’t get shrub to stop believing in magical solutions to real world problems.

    I also know someone who is an arabic translator in DC right now. His opinion? Two words: “we’re fucked”

    Sorry if ah dun mizspelt eny fing. Feel free to fly off on whatever tangent strikes your fancy. Ya’ll always do! Hilarious (actually more sad n sick, but that is pretty much a description of the Grande Olde Pedophiles in 2007)…

    Also, please point out where in this thread I labelled you as “redneck”? A quick search reveals that you and lefty use the term, but I didn’t (more liberal facts).

    Here is some live footage of our troops and their Iraqi allies winning the hearts n minds of Iraqis everywhere! woohoo!


  20. treehugger Says:

    Yikes. Imagine what goes on there on a daily basis when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    I find it eerily interesting as well that the video has almost 50, 000 views on YouTube, yet not one comment. Not one.

    I didn’t feel much like writing after watching it either.

  21. TeacherVet Says:

    The Goebbels theory that repeated lies eventually become accepted as factual truth has been used consistently by the Left. I had just cited an example, and using the technique to falsely influence opinion does not make anyone a Nazi. If you take that as a personal charge of Nazism, I apologize for the lack of clarity.

    Interesting clip – it could have been Michael Moore with a British accent. If you had been the embedded reporter, would your voice have been heard imploring the American troops to stop the beating of the suspect? Where was his voice? One thing is quite clear: he intended to use the film to cast blame on the very troops who were protecting him.

    The brief mention of the bag containing three mortars indicates that the suspects were involved in terrorist activities. Winning the hearts and minds of those terrorist thugs is not our goal. The embed states that “people just want security.” Rounding up such thugs is part of winning the hearts and minds of innocent civilians. Time lapses in the film indicate that the film was heavily edited… a Michael Moore technique? In short, I don’t trust the report at this point. Others will choose to blindly accept it – their choice.

    There is a good chance that every single one of those Iraqi soldiers lost a family member to Saddam’s Sunni thugs. Vindictiveness? Perhaps. What would have happened if Saddam’s henchmen (while he was still ruling) had found a carload of men with weapons to attack his regime? The “suspects” certainly wouldn’t be living in hopeful anticipation of an “investigation.”

    “The incident is under investigation,” but perhaps we can expect another condemning statement (as in the Haditha episode, in which his facts are falling apart) from the great Murtha (hero), a preliminary assumption of guilt. Or perhaps from Kerry. You know, of course, that he served in Vietnam.

  22. TeacherVet Says:

    Whew, I just barely met the 100-minute deadline.

  23. treehugger Says:

    It’s nice how you stand up for every troop, unless of course they are war heroes who don’t align with your political beliefs.

    So is it just democratic leaning troops that you hate? All the rest can do know wrong? Do they teach you that in boot camp?

    Oh, and it’s really nice of you to point out that those men were getting treated a little better than if Saddam had them. For a second there, I thought our troops were better than that. My bad.

  24. enkidu Says:

    Yes! How DARE that all powerful unarmed reporter surreptitiously recording our glorious troops NOT intervene and magically stop a dozen armed, hopped up Iraqi security forces from beating a bound prisoner! He must know of the UCJJ (the universal code of journalistic justice, of course) and is therefor obligated to singlehandedly prevent a few dozen armed US and Iraqi troops from torturing bound suspects. Hey Saddam did worse, right?

    You were never in the service Macaca, or you might have heard of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Under the UCMJ they were obligated to stop that torture. Not cheer it on. You are a partisan tool.

    We won WWII not by becoming the Nazis (is a historical reference OK? please let me know all you grammar… uh nm), rather we won by what used to be our strengths (industrial might, some kick ass code breakers, noble sacrifice [which btw includes millions of sov casualties, as well as hundreds of thousands of our own], political unity and patriotism above partisanship. oh and Hitler was a crazy fucking incompetent lunatic – again sorry for using historical comparisons that might be uncomfortable for reichwingnutjobs).

    What I wondered about once the camera feed ended was this “what crime was then commited in our name?” Did they popacap in the suspect’s nuggin and call it a day? mb just a little high spirited, fraternity prank torture? High fives all around! Sick.

    Any crime (any means) is AOK as long as it supports rightwingnut ends, right Macaca-san?

    And it is wingnuts like Macaca-san who instantly make excuses for the wrongs that shrubya and the neocon greed/warmongers are setting these service men and women up for. Haditha happened. This happened and you could watch it with your own eyes. Facts have such a liberal bias!

    I hope that camera guy is out of Iraq because his life isn’t worth a plug nickel right now. I wonder how they smuggled this footage past the InfoGestap… oh nevermind?

  25. TeacherVet Says:

    I stand by my Haditha comments. The investigation is still on-going, and the accused are innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps Mr. Murtha should familiarize himself with that premise of law. The same premise applies in this incident.

    Nice twist of my words; your first paragraph is based on a false premise. I merely asked why the embed didn’t suggest that our troops intervene in the actions by the forces of another country. I certainly said nothing about him physically stopping the Iraqis. And, you imply that our guys were physically involved in the beating? (Even the embed failed to mention that “fact”!)

    What I wondered about once the camera feed ended was, “What did that one guy say that caused the Iraqis to drag him out and beat him again?” “Did he threaten them or their families?” Perhaps an investigation will reveal the details. Btw, they obviously did not “popacap in the suspect’s nuggin and call it a day,” since he was shown being lifted to his feet. If that had been their intention, they would have done it on the spot.

    UCMJ 832.32(a)(10): “In time of war, persons serving with or accompanying an armed force in the field”… are subject to the UCMJ. Embeds are subject to the UCMJ. If our troops are guilty, he is equally so.

    UCMJ 832.32: A thorough and impartial investigation is required before any charges can be made. The investigation is still on-going. Perhaps you would prefer a conviction before completion of that investigation, in violation of the UCMJ.

    I’m having trouble finding the Section/Article that mandates interference with the actions of forces of other countries. It surely exists, since you so stated; perhaps you could help me here.

    Thanks for the statement about how we won WWII – sacrifice, political unity, patriotism above partisanship, etc. If memory serves, we also monitored mail and “violated” the freedoms of Japanese-Americans. We had a fairly unified will to do whatever was deemed necessary to win. If that war was fought today, we would lose it… right here, at home.

    Missed the deadline this time – drats!

  26. treehugger Says:

    “I question seriously the judgment that was employed in your execution of your responsibilities in Iraq,” (Sen. McCain) said. “And we have paid a very, very heavy price in American blood and treasure because of what is now agreed to by literally everyone as a failed policy.”

    Well, everyone except for TeacherVet.

    Stay the course.

  27. TeacherVet Says:

    When and where did RINO McCain make the statement? Was he actually speaking to Bush, as implied?

    It makes me wonder (1) which poll affected his judgement and (2) whether he has yet announced his candidacy. He’s a politician – enough said.

    If “stay the course” means continuing to fight in Iraq as part of the GWOT, changing strategy as necessary to counter enemy strategy, I’m in favor.

    If “change direction” means cut-and-run from an avowed enemy that has never won a battle against our military, I’m opposed.

  28. treehugger Says:

    That’s what I thought. Another war hero you don’t agree with. I am really starting to question your claims of being a veteran.

  29. TeacherVet Says:

    Your doubt means nothing to me. I didn’t carry equipment to film myself in action (unlike Pariah Kerry, war hero), and I will sign permission for public release of all my records upon request from anyone (also unlike Pariah Kerry, war hero). It doesn’t change facts, and I never swore an oath of allegiance to all war heroes. Certainly not former war heroes who have since chosen to become self-serving politicians.

    Btw, on Jan. 2 we buried my best friend from Air Force days. He was a Democrat for the entire 38 years of our friendship. We had frequent verbal disagreements while traveling together to reunions, during meals, on the golf course, etc. He was always able to articulate his negative position on actions of the “current administration” without having to resort to silly, childish personal insults; an intelligent man. After reading some of the comments I had copied from extremists on this site, he said “those people don’t represent me, and they illustrate the reason the Democratic Party suffered such political decay after the 70s.”

    He didn’t hate; he expressed his disagreements thoughtfully and intellectually. He was often very convincing, simply by staying focused on the topic of debate. I never heard him use the worn-out bumper-sticker mantras that only strengthen opposing viewpoints. I’ll miss one of the few Democrats I’ve known who could express his political views with a complete void of hatred, malice, vindictiveness, etc.

    Yes, I know, the hour is late, and the temptation will be great to include that salient point with critical comments. School is out for global warming (snow & ice), and we had a late-night wake for Gary Weaver. It was a 4-hour drive, and I’m still wired from driving.

  30. treehugger Says:

    Whatever, you’re so full of shit it’s coming out of your eyes and ears.

    The fact that you still doubt climate change by mocking it when virtually all scientific evidence supports it, along with every nation (even your fuckhead of a leader is a believer now, it only took him 7 years, but that’s okay, we know he’s slow) reaffirms to me that you base your beliefs not on facts, but on partisan ideology.

    I could really care less about your sick wife, dead friends or any other thing you try to bring up for sympathy. Simply speaking, I don’t believe a damn word that you say because your credibility is about the same as the White Houses’ is – fuck all.

    Have a great weekend.

  31. TeacherVet Says:

    Predictably intelligent response. When lacking basis for rebuttal, sling garbage from the rooftops.

    Climate change? Whatever happened to “global warming”? Canadian scientists who were instrumental in their country’s decision to waste megatons of money on Kyoto are now urging a “change in direction.” They’re actually admitting a mistake… unheard of.

    I finally found the war hero’s quote; speaking to Gen. Casey, obviously a non-war hero.

    I look for no sympathy from those who have no compassion. I simply bemoaned the loss of a rare Democrat who was articulate and focused.

    Credibility? Check out the Scotter Libby kangaroo court. He was presumed guilty by jbc and all the credible posters for months on this site. Prosecutors are trying to cast doubt on his claim that he “misremembered” details about events leading to his failure to break a law.

    I’m anxious for all the other investigations, trials and impeachment proceedings to begin. The current congressional leadership appears to be balking, knowing that their lies of the last 7 years will be exposed in virtually every case. Yeah, a few obnoxious voices in Congress can still be heard trying to keep the lies alive, knowing full well they can never be exposed if there are no such proceedings.

  32. enkidu Says:

    TV, you are an enormous tool, a partisan, hatin fool with a potty mouth and anger issues.

    You start off clearly saying that Dems hope for US casualties (btw Jan was the 3rd most deadly month for US troops in the last 12), then immediately claim “I don’t think Dems actually want more troop deaths”. Actual video footage of a joint US/Iraqi (I am pretty sure the US still has command of operations large and small, feel free to freak out on this detail sir toolsalot) beating/torturing a bound prisoner are AOK with you and you clearly blame the reporter (perhaps you blame him for doing his job and recording/reporting actual events rather than pentagon psyops fluff). Then you immediately say you didn’t say that and then proceed to blame the reporter – again.

    I had read your screeds and hate speech for years prior to actually asking you about your ‘we found teh WMDz!!!’ claims. When I dug into those claims not a single one had any basis in fact. We spent 3079 lives (so far) to grab Iraq’s oil wealth and give us a base of operations to do whatever the hell the Deciderator feels like. And to add extra polish to your turd, you later claim to still (magically) believe that we did find WMDz and you won our ‘debate’.

    You come up with these ‘aww pity me’ tangents like your wife (sorry to hear about her cancer, my mother is a 3 time cancer fighter/survivor, now you can mock her too) or your ‘good Dimicrat‘ friend’s death. Did you call your friend “creature” “asshole!” “traitor” “nazi” “commie” or the rest of your partisan garbage? If your friend believed we found significant, country-invading, gigadeath WMDz in Iraq he was wrong. And so are you (on so many levels, in so many ways).

    Please turn your grief for your friend (assuming this isn’t some made up bullshit like most of your posts) to a positive purpose. Try thinking of other people who don’t think bush is jezuz2.0 as human beings, fellow citizens and entitled to their opinions. Be prepared for rational normal folks to call you a moron when you spew bullshit like Pariah Kerry or Barak Obama is a muslim, or we found the WMDs! Facts don’t support any of that crap and I see no reason to be even remotely polite to someone who ‘believes’ nonsense and (like it says on the masthead here) lies.

  33. TeacherVet Says:

    Did you say anything after your opening statement?

    Ah, the usual misquotes & rambling.

    A new record – about 10 minutes! Headed out of town now, no time to hit “Refresh,” so hit me hard with the timing criticism.

  34. leftbehind Says:

    Teachervet – it’s not what Enkidu says that endears him to us so, it’s the glorious WAY he says next to absolutely nothing, or at least obscures whatever he’s trying to say in a cloud of rhetorical dust and spittle. It’s like a hyperactive hyena watched C SPAN for a few hours, overdosed on No Doze and just WENT OFF!!!

    Treehugger – you’re trying hard, but give it up. You are NO Enkidu, and my Grandmother talks the dozens better than you do. You do a much better job when you keep your cool.

    Still, I was particularly disappointed with Enkidu’s January 29th post. It took him three days to come up with THAT? Where’d my big husky man go? In review, I’d say all of your performance on this thread is uncharacteralistically lackluster. The “deciderator” bit was kind of cool, but too little, too late. Where’s the fire – you’re just going through the motions, now. Listen to some Pig Destroyer, bash your head into something and come back to us!

  35. ethan-p Says:

    Lots of bold. There ‘ya go. Now we can flame each other without the unintentional bolding.

  36. TeacherVet Says:

    Oooh, you’ll pay for that. Now he’ll call you a name.

  37. leftbehind Says:

    The bold takes the place of italics.

  38. treehugger Says:

    Leftbehind, I don’t think I was talking to you. If I wanted your opinion, I would rattle my zipper.

  39. ethan-p Says:

    Yes…yeeeesssss. Release the hate. Soon, I will harness the power of this flamewar and use it to rule the world! Muahaha! Muahahahahaha-haaaa!

  40. TeacherVet Says:

    Oops! Bi-partisan Chris Matthews used the F word on MSNBC, the bi-partisan cable news network, while explaining his bi-partisan non-hatred of GWB. Did he learn the term from Cheney?

  41. enkidu Says:

    So if I show you incontrovertible, unimpeachable (heh) proof of The Deciderator using the f-bomb… or say… giving the camera the finger (sign language for the same), will you please shut the fuck up about being polite?


    or maybe this will make you finally ‘believe’ that your side is just as crass?


    Tweety has such a hard-on for Commander Codpiece, it makes me wonder if all the rethugs are closet gays. However, this is old news, as Tweety has said this same thing several times. Something along the lines of “I am so fucking tired of fake ass cowboys, their fake fucking ‘ranches’ and their fake ass dumbshit foreign fucking policy”

    I might have left out a “fucking” (or two).

    Rightwingnutjobs like Macaca-san are the Preston Brooks of our era, always eager to take offense and start with the violence. You use swear words when it suits, you call people Nazis (o good gracious Godwin!) and you say nasty crap all the time, bfd. Not to mention the constant spelling lessons from half-wit ideologues…

    Speaking of half-wits, did you say anything meaningful lefty? Glad you could take a break from curing Ted Haggard to chime in with your usual nonsense.

  42. TeacherVet Says:

    Did I, or anyone else, ever deny that Cheney used the term? If so, who, and when?… I missed it. He had endured years of lies without responding, and when Leahy used a photo op as another forum for attacking – crossing the aisle to invoke the confrontation – Democrats finally got the inappropriate response they wanted. You have used that single episode to exhaustion, indicating a lack of anything more substantive.

    Foul language is not standard fare in my own vocabulary, but after dozens of attacks from you, my own vocabulary changed on one sole occasion – and you’ve never recovered. Your response(s) illustrates my point all along: such garbage only serves to inflame, and only distracts from any valid argument made (if any).

    It’s actually funny, and pitiful. You’ve demonstrated a complete inability to make a statement to anybody who disagrees with your ideology without having to rely on juvenile name-calling and labeling, but you don’t seem to understand why you’re not taken seriously as an adult. The little Nazi references are without basis, but you find it necessary to use them, obviously in lieu of a valid argument. The same is true of the silly, unfounded references to racism, drug use, violence, etc., along with unknown nicknames you apparently pick up on extremist web sites (who is Tweety, or Commander Codpiece?). That kind of sniping isn’t hurtful because it’s false and unsubstantiated. Either you simply wish to waste bandwidth with sloganeering, or you have nothing of substance to say.

    Yes, I know; I’ve labeled you at times, but always with accompanying statements to justify the label. For example – grow up, and try honesty. Your language is sophomoric, and your farcical declaration of being an “independent” voter is a lie. I suppose a Super Bowl fan could call himself “impartial / independent” if he wore orange to the game – while cheering only for the Colts and booing every play by the Bears; but his declaration would be false. Maybe, if the fan was merely trying to impress someone with his false objectivity, or impress them with his great analytical prowess…

  43. leftbehind Says:

    Treehugger – Would that be the zipper up front or the “access panel” in the back?

  44. leftbehind Says:

    …and, for the record, I thought Enkidu’s Washington Post citation is right-on, and does proof his point that Republicans can be every bit as crass as he can be. But Inky, is your fondest ambition really to be as crass as Dick Cheney? Is “I’m only as bad as Dick Cheney” really a defense? I guess I should forgive you for only being as dumb as George Bush, too.

    …and how far back on this thread was it that any of us said anything “meaningful?” Is this even supposed to be “meaningful” at this point?

  45. leftbehind Says:

    Yes, I know I spelled “prove” wrong but hey – I’m only as dyslexic as Tom Cruise, so it all evens out, right?

  46. enkidu Says:

    So in a word: no.

    No, you won’t stfu about how impolite we nasty libs and dems and inds and sane folk are and how we deserve the mind boggling hate speech that seems your standard right wing discourse. I read TV’s hate speech on the 19th and again on the 21st and there can be no getting around the fact that his comments were hateful and ugly. So I gave him his usual rhetorical beat down… really too easy because TV never bothers with facts or reality… it’s just fanatical belief all the way. But it sure is amusing to see him go off on wingnut tangents.

    You can watch a joint US/Iraqi patrol beat the daylights out of a bound prisoner and blame it all on the camera man. You can watch shrub give you the finger, or Dick Cheney scream “go fuck yourself!” on the Senate floor and it is all Ind. Senator Patrick Leahy’s fault for asking where those 350 tons of $100 bills went to (he’ll get to the rest of the war graft in due time). In short, there is no partisan outrage you won’t twist to being someone else’s fault for your ugly behavior.

    Stop spouting bullshit like dems/libs/inds are “traitors” “creatures” “assholes” “nazis” “commies” and the like. Then perhaps people won’t call you for being such an enormous asshole. Yes, I know I am being unkind by pointing these things out, but I have read your hate speech over the years and it is more than time to stand up and say “enough”. I have voted for Rs and for Ds, my voter registration is “NA” which I have always said is “None of those Assholes”. If you and shrubco are the best the right wing can do, it will be a long, long time before I start voting R again.

    Thanks for the spelling lesson once again lefty.

  47. TeacherVet Says:

    Ooooh – I got called an asshole by Independent Inky-doo. I bet recovery won’t take long.

    Hmmm. My posts on the 19th and 21st were hateful and ugly, and not based on facts and reality. “For months we’ve been saying to increase troop numbers, Mr. Bush, but we didn’t mean for you to increase troop numbers.” Tremendous example of hate speech, eh?

    Iraqi troops abused a “poor insurgent” guy with weapons that could harm Iraqis. I “blamed it all” on the poor camera man by (1) pointing out that he is also subject to the UCMJ, and (2) stating that judgement should be reserved until the investigation runs its course. Horrible, hateful me.

    Btw, I still can’t find your “fact” in the UCMJ that requires our guys, whether troops or embedded press, to interfere in the policing actions of the Iraqi army. Is that a hateful comment?

    No, you’re not “being unkind by pointing these things out” – you’re simply lying. In another word, no, I won’t stop calling you on blatant lies. Use all the junior high playground insults you wish if it’s all you have – I think I can endure such serious, intellectual debate efforts. Is that a hateful comment? Does it make me a Nazi? If so, please feel free to administer your “usual rhetorical beat down.” Really scary stuff!

  48. leftbehind Says:

    Enkidu – out of friendly curiosity, what Republicans have you voted for?

  49. enkidu Says:

    TV you started this thread crowing about how Dems want more casualties (I’ll try to keep the direct quotes of TV nonsense to a minimum, as I know it makes things hard to stomach/comprehend) “Dem thinkers seem to be saying, “For months we’ve been saying to increase troop numbers, Mr. Bush, but we didn’t mean for you to increase troop numbers.” Apparently they meant, “Increase the troop casualty numbers (giving us greater political leverage).”

    “And, sometimes their prayers are answered. 27 more troop casualties in the two days since the post above – that should be pleasing to them.”

    You spew this kind of garbage every single time you post, and if someone calls you an asshole and a partisan tool, suddenly it’s all about being polite and debate and blah blah fucking blah blah. There is no ‘debate’ between your partisan extemism and reality: you are a tool. A partisan, angry 5%er with a hate LibrlsFirst! potty mouth and a mean streak as wide as the stain in your grrranimals. To have you call me a liar is hilarious. Quite an honor!

    Today is Darwin’s birthday! Did you hear the news last week about a breakthrough in understanding evolution? Google horizontal gene transfer and it is a pretty plausible, empirically provable theory to explain the increasing pace of evolution over the last few billion years.

    Lefty – I voted for GHWB in ’88. Clinton in ’92 and ’96 those were great years… competent government… what a concept!

  50. TeacherVet Says:

    Recite my statements, then “rebut” them only with references to “garbage, asshole, partisan tool, politeness, blah blah fucking blah blah, partisan extremism, tool, partisan, angry, hate LibrlsFirst!, potty mouth, mean streak”, etc. – and not a single word of rebuttal, as always. Again, if that’s all you have, please continue to use it.

    Today’s Congressional leaders:
    a) Called for greater troop strength (as recently as December),
    b) Condemned the increase in troop strength (in January), and
    c) Have used casualties for political advantage (for almost 4 years).
    –Your rebuttal? See your 3rd paragraph. You’re right; there is no debate.

    Happy birthday, dear Darwin! I would face to the east, drop to my knees and bow to you, but I have a dog in my lap. When your pretty plausible theory becomes a proven scientific fact, I’ll throw the dog aside and pay the proper respects. Until then, pardon me if I’m not a believer, either in you or the state religion.

    No more time for now; gotta go buy a global warming shovel from Walmart. According to Scott Ott, they are designed to remove the kind of snow spawned by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Also need some

  51. TeacherVet Says:

    Sorry – hit “Enter” before finished.

    Also need some of the new Kyoto Mittens, “guaranteed to protect the wearer from the inconvenient truth of global warming-induced frostbite.”

    I guess those comments make me a racist Nazi tool… sigh.

  52. TeacherVet Says:

    Interesting Newsweek article by Peter Gwynne, under the heading of “Science”:


    Of note, “Our knowledge of the mechanisms of climatic change is at least as fragmentary as our data,” concedes the National Academy of Sciences report. “Not only are the basic scientific questions largely unanswered, but in many cases we do not yet know enough to pose the key questions.”

    And, “Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects.”

    Yep, the sky is falling, as ascertained again by “science”. No, having visually observed the earth’s curvature from above on innumerable occasions, I don’t believe in a flat earth.

  53. enkidu Says:

    Your writing is full of bullshit of the ugliest stench. But since you believe that you are fully justified in your hate speech, any partisan nonsense is deserved, right, proper and whatever.

    Always amusing to see what tangent rightwingnutjobs will suddenly stagger off to in the course of a thread. What’s next? Your mommy’s sweater? If it is really really really warm next week will you suddenly believe?

  54. TeacherVet Says:

    You never respond to the course of the thread, so I felt free to change topics.

    Can you identify the “hate speech”? Is it:
    -The quotes from your preceding post?
    -The rephrased statements that never received a response?
    -Or, is hatred inherent in my failure to believe in Darwin’s unproven theory (the off-topic subject you introduced in this thread)?

    The questions are not rhetorical. Since I dare to [evidently] insult you by asking such questions, does such audacity constitute “hate speech,” or make me a Nazi, or perhaps a racist?

  55. leftbehind Says:

    The interesting part of the global warming debate, as it currently stands (and don’t cry to me, Ink Doo – the government is on your side, and you’ll get what you want, or at least as much of it as you have right to expect) is not so much whether or not the phenomenon is being accurately assessed, as is the way Global Warming exists as a secular doomsday for a certain stripe of people. Every religion has to have that day when everything goes to shit because you didn’t listen, because you didn’t get with the program, because you didn’t believe. In the end of all things comes the inconvertable proof that we were right and you were wrong and if you had only listened to us…

    I’m only commenting on Global Warming as a social phenomenon. I’ll leave it to you scientists to interpret the data for yourselves. You’re all doing such a wonderful job.

    Does anybody remember “global cooling” back in the 1970’s?”


  56. leftbehind Says:

    …hate,hate,hate…heil, Hitler…etc.

  57. ethan-p Says:


    An interesting analysis of the social phenomena behind the global warming debate, and you nailed the crux of my problem with the issue (outside of the highly politically motivated ‘research’ on both sides). Here’s another interesting question (to continue the thread hijack) – how many of the proponents of the doomsday scenario want to be right? To put it another way, how many would continue to cling to their ideals if it were ‘conclusively proven’ (a loaded term I know, but bear with me) that they either overstated their case, or were flat-out wrong?

    My bullshit detector has been ringing inside my head for a long time on this one. Whenever I hear passionate pleas for attention largely based on doomsday scenarios – like ‘you’ll believe me in 10 years when New York City is underwater’, that detector rings. How different is that from people saying that I’ll believe in God/Jesus/whatever when the rapture takes place? Just because people make dire predictions, should we immediately believe them?

    In any case, this is why I will continue to question the ‘believers’. I don’t have answers, only questions. However, I don’t mind anyone proving my convictions wrong on this one. Can the environmentalists say the same? I think that they want to be right, and they want us to be at grave risk. Sad, IMO.

  58. enkidu Says:

    OK, sure, mentioning Darwin on his birthday is kooky, but a thread about TV’s hate for DemoncRATs is suddenly all about the myth of ‘Global Warming’ (pssst it’s called Climate Change, and indeed parts of the globe will actually see colder temps, like Europe as the warming Atlantic current slows or shuts down). yeaaaaaah, OK (backs slowly towards the door)

    Hey are any of you wingers rep’d by this nutjob?

    yeah, Georgia… (snicker) and this is supposed to be one of the ‘enlightened’ Suhthrn states? Or how about Texas? Oooops!

    which was the cover letter for this nuttery:
    which of course points to this absolutely hilarious site

    oh yeah, you stormGOOPers are all about the Science… bwahahaha!

    Sane people don’t worship Darwin, no more than we worship great minds like Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Jesus, Buddah, Einstein, Turing or Hawking. Evolution works even if you don’t believe in it.

    That you shop at WalMart says volumes about you TV.

  59. leftbehind Says:

    The end is near! Repent! Repent!

  60. leftbehind Says:

    …and I must say,while we’re on the subject, that Evolution is clearly working wonders for you, Enkidu. See you down at the farm co-op next time you’re out buying groceries and home-made, environmentally friendly hardware.

  61. leftbehind Says:

    Is Ethan-P one of “you wingers” now, because he doesn’t fall in lock-step behind your knee-jerk doomsaying?

  62. ethan-p Says:

    That’s me. I’m definitely a winger, since all of my politics can be neatly shoveled into a far corner of the political spectrum (and I do mean shoveled as in shit). ;)

    BTW – I still haven’t got over the evolution-being-a-Jewish-conspiracy thing. That’s brilliant. Don’t those damn Jews know that the earth is only 5000 years or so and geologists are a bunch of fags? (Remember, it’s a fact; God hates fags significantly more than God hates people who wear mixed fabrics.)

    The question remains, is fixedearth.com serious, or is it a joke poking fun at the anti-evolution crowd?

  63. leftbehind Says:

    The Jewish conspiracy angle is doubly wierd, since the whole “6000 year old Earth” business is supposedly based on the fact the Jewish calendar only goes backabout that far.

  64. ethan-p Says:

    Not to mention that the Old Testament is shared between Jews and Christians. The whole notion seems more like a ploy to exploit ignorance of Jewish beliefs. It’s easy to say that ‘they’re all out to get you’ when you’re talking to people who neither understand nor care to understand a people with slightly different beliefs.

    I’m surprised about the ADL’s relatively mild reaction.

  65. leftbehind Says:

    Maybe the ADL isn’t of a mind to waste an inordinate amount of time on obvious kooks. We’re talking about ideas which are, thankfully, quite marginal.

  66. leftbehind Says:

    Something like “fixedearth.com,” for instance, is something you really have to be looking for to find.

  67. TeacherVet Says:

    Oops, sorry – I forgot the rules; only enkidu can change topics (when the pertinent questions/comments cause discomfort).

    You didn’t realize there are nuts out there? Georgia has its share, and I’ve heard there could be a couple in California, too. The flat earth garbage is easily proven to be nonsense simply by looking out over Lake Michigan… and not seeing land because of the earth’s curvature. Those isolated dolts are not worth the effort necessary for argument – although, of course, you wish to falsely portray them as being characteristic of the Republican Party (your perpetual narcissism – also see the snide Georgia comments [and yep, Georgia gits lotsa light, ‘specially durin’ the summer months, heh]). Of course, that provides an even more reliable measure: If they disagree with enkidu, they’re idiots, Nazis, racists, reichwingnutjobs, and just generally mean-spirited people!

    Evolutionary biologists were desperate enough to convince us to believe in a theory — that, if true, would certainly be supported by physical evidence — that they invented Piltdown man (Dawson’s Dawn Man). They perpetuated the fraud for 40 years, and some folks still believe in the unproven theory… and the honesty of the profiteering biologists who purposely lied to us. I would never deny you the right to believe in their honesty, but don’t deny non-believers their right to explore other possibilities.

    Pssst – It was called Global Warming for several years after the Global Cooling (coming Ice Age) part of the cycle played out in the late 70s. The cycle will continue, and humans can’t change the effects that the solar system, oceanic volcanoes, etc. have on our climate.

    I’m certainly not a fan of Walmart, but I do shop there. I live in an isolated area outside a small town where most of our other businesses have since closed. I suppose I could move, or travel to a more congested area to shop, but I choose otherwise.

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