Podcast 15

I was so jazzed about getting the last podcast successfully completed that I turned right around and recorded one the next day. So here you go: podcast 15.

This one covers:

  • Listening to Disney obsessives, especially Jesse O. of the MousePod.
  • Again with the new Pride and Prejudice adaptation. In this installment, I realize that my resistance to crediting Keira Knightly with the stunning performance she actually delivered was simply a recapitulation of the story’s main theme: It was my own pride and prejudice that prevented me from doing so. But I’ve come to appreciate the error of my ways.
  • Arguing with Andy and John of the Hollywood Saloon that they really ought to give chick-flicks a try.
  • More Austen adapations: Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Emma. Must-see chick flicks all.
  • Kick-ass podcast special effects: I’m interrupted by the sight of an actual whale.

So. There it is.

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