Marshall Interviews Drumheller

Since working to expand Wikipedia’s article on the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee on pre-war WMD intelligence, I’ve been aware of how Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), the committee’s chairman, worked so hard to produce a whitewash favorable to the Bush administration.

More evidence of that comes from the recent appearance of Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA agent, on 60 Minutes. Joshua Micah Marshall has this to say, after he did a follow-up interview with Drumheller: By now you’ve probably seen or heard…:

Did you read in any of those reports — even in a way that would protect sources and methods — that the CIA had turned a key member of the Iraqi regime, that that guy had said there weren’t any active weapons programs, and that the White House lost interest in what he was saying as soon as they realized it didn’t help the case for war? What about what he said about the Niger story?

Did the Robb-Silbermann Commission not hear about what Drumheller had to say? What about the Roberts Committee?

I asked Drumheller just those questions when I spoke to him early this evening. He was quite clear. He was interviewed by the Robb-Silbermann Commission. Three times apparently.

Did he tell them everything he revealed on tonight’s 60 Minutes segment. Absolutely.

Drumheller was also interviewed twice by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (the Roberts Committee) but apparently only after they released their summer 2004 report.

Now, quite a few of us have been arguing for almost two years now that those reports were fundamentally dishonest in the story they told about why we were so badly misled in the lead up to war. The fact that none of Drumheller’s story managed to find its way into those reports, I think, speaks volumes about the agenda that the writers of those reports were pursuing.

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