Bushies Eliminate Terror the Old-Fashioned Way: They Pretend It Isn’t There

Back in the run-up to the Iraq war, when nearly all the major media organizations were dutifully presenting the Bush administration’s overstated warnings about Iraqi WMD, one news organization actually did a fair amount of good, solid journalism, and reported the real story: that the Bushies were full of shit. That organization was Knight-Ridder, a news outfit associated with a number of smaller-market newspapers.

I saw a piece a year or so ago that speculated about why it was that the Knight-Ridder reporters got the story right (in hindsight), while the more-prestigious outlets bungled it, and one of the main reasons cited was that the Knight-Ridder reporters, lacking the sexy credentials of the folks from the New York Times and CNN, tended not to get interviews with the top sources, but instead had to develop their stories the old-fashioned way: by talking to the government foot soldiers lower down in the table of organization, people who weren’t as wedded to the false-to-fact talking points, and actually talked about what was really going on.

Anyway, it looks like the Knight-Ridder people are still doing real journalism, in this case, by reading weblogs. Check out this piece, for example: Bush administration eliminating 19-year-old international terrorism report. It seems the Bush people, unhappy with the way that the State Department’s annual report on global terrorism reveals that Bush is losing his War on Terra, have decided to simply eliminate the report.

That’s one way to beat terror! Not a particularly effective way, but then, Bush has never demonstrated any particular effectiveness at anything (other than the promotion of a mistaken belief in his own effectiveness).

The Knight-Ridder story was developed from information presented in the Counterrerroism Blog; see Goodbye Patterns of Global Terrorism? Yay, weblogs.

12 Responses to “Bushies Eliminate Terror the Old-Fashioned Way: They Pretend It Isn’t There”

  1. Robert Says:

    Leave George Alone,

    The Terrorists need their Arses KICKED !!!!!

    ……….The Good Doctor

  2. jbc Says:

    Well, having real data about whether the terrorists’ asses are actually being kicked or not is an important part of that process, wouldn’t you say? I mean, with a certain kind of leader, his being able to successfully create the impression that he’s defeating the terrorists, even when he actually isn’t, would be counted as “good enough.”

    If Bush is that kind of leader, then “leaving him alone” will actually serve to prevent the terrorists’ asses being kicked, rather than the other way around.

  3. Rise Against Says:

    Yeah exactly.

    One only has to open their eyes; Hostages, beheadings, bombings, all on a pretty much daily basis, thanks to Dumbya and Co. I think it’s pretty obvious who is ‘winning’ the War on Terra.

    Now whenever that idiot says he is winning the War on Terra, maybe a responsilble journalist will ask, “How do you know this Mr. President… you scrapped the annual terror report?”. Fat chance.

    But isn’t this par for the course for Bush and his pals? If it doesn’t support what they’re saying, then get rid of it/him/her.

  4. Rise Against Says:

    Just to reinforce my point about who is really winning this so called War on Terra, here’s a headline from today’s newspaper….

    Attacks across Iraq kill 12, injure more than 50

  5. ethan-p Says:

    GW Bush? Accountable? You all forget who we’re talking about. He doesn’t believe in that horse-shit accountability stuff.

    But it’s OK; he says that Jesus talks to him, so we can be sure that he’s doing the right thing.

    (personally, that’s one of my surefire indicators that someone is fuckin’ nuts…but that’s just my opinion)

  6. Robert Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Yeah, maybe he should have kept the report going, and I now agree with you guys that George Bush made a mistake, a big mistake………He didn’t go in with enough force!! Air Power I’m talking about!! He did not need to send troups in.

    He should have used Heavy Saturation Bombing, totally Blanketing the area with B-1B’s B-2’s and B-52 Bombers, and whipping Baghdad off the Frickin’ map!!

    Hell, even a bloody Hydrogen Bomb, just think of all the actualy war time experience the air crew would get, priceless!!! and there aint a damn thing they could do about it because as Denis Leary sang “cause we’ve got the Bomb, that’s right, two words, Nuclear “Fuc$en” Weapons !!!!

    There just bad news those countrys, they even train ’em up as little terrors as soon as they pop out of the womb!!!

    All the Best……Sir Dr. Robert (phd) M.B.E. Dip ed. etc…..

  7. Rise Against Says:

    He should have used Heavy Saturation Bombing, totally Blanketing the area with B-1B’s B-2 and B-52 Bombers, and whipping Baghdad off the Frickin map!!

    Are you for real buddy? Have you no concern for people who are just going about living their lives, harvesting their crops, playing with their children? Just carpet bomb them? You’re an idiot. It’s that kind of mentality that promotes hatred towards the west among Arabs.

    For every person you bomb, it potentially spawns 10 – 15 jihadists whose only goal is to avenge their loved one by any means necessary. It’s idiots like you and Bush that will ensure there will never be a short supply of hatred towards the west.

  8. Robert Says:

    Look, firstly my name is not buddy, don’t call me buddy. secondly those arse holes have been terrorising innocent people the world over for ages, what about all the people who’ve been killed through their bombs you Fucking Twat!!

    It’s them that are twisting the situation towards war, not us, so basically they are the ones signing their own innocent peoples death warrents, bont blame George, I’d like to see some bone head like you under that much responsability you weak pansy!!

    If America had a leader like you, it would be walked all over, and thousands more would die, you can not reason with these sadistic arabs, their haed is full of sand.

    I don’t like it either that the innocent Iraq people get killed, but thats the kind of people the terrorists are, they hide behind the skirt, and school of their own, the gutless cunts!! so as i said it is them, not the American Forces who are killing their own people who you say are their loved ones….WAKE UP !!!!!

  9. Rise Against Says:

    Some people just don’t get it…

    …and for that reason you will forever be in a perpetual state of war. But hey, that’s probably what you want, right?

  10. Robert Says:

    You are talking about yourself there….. “Some people just don’t get it…”

    I’m not in a perpetual state of war, I just dont believe that people should be pushed around, their lives made hell of. If Nobody stands up to these nasty people, the killing will continue anyway.


  11. Rise Against Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more…

  12. Robert Says:

    Any way all this talk just causes tension between people, I’m sorry if I was a bit rude in my debates, it wasn’t personal, just views we all have. You are probably a cool dude.

    Forgive me?


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