More mp3 players and bikinis…

So like, here I go again with more prurient entertainment. I’ve recently become burned out with the arguement or the debates or whatever we’re calling it here. Some people have tried to go fact for fact and are polite in their posts (jbc) (TeacherVet) others are a little more vitriolic but still good people (Rise Against).

However none of us are really changing each other minds at all, or even offering up more food for thought. I’ve been a Libertarian leaning independent for years and will probably be for years to come. I’ve become worn out already with the stupidity and namecalling (except when I’m being stupid and calling people names).

So from now on, I’m going to try and keep it light. Without further ado, college chicks in bikinis, its iPose. And iPod minis, they have those too. (There are dudes for people who like dudes, but I think the people who like chicks are gettin’ a better deal with this one.)

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