California Organ Donors Database – FINALLY!

I’m normally all about the quirky, offbeat, absurd news – but not today, this is important:

The myth is that once you signed up to be a donor at the Department of Motor Vehicles, your name and data went into a central registry. Not so. There never was such a registry, making it uncertain that such preferences were noticed or honored. Donor networks say less than 10 percent of the driver’s licenses with dots are produced when needed. Often the person dying doesn’t have a license along when brought to a hospital, and relatives don’t always know that the individual signed up to donate organs.

Starting today, there is an official Organ and Tissue Donor Registry for the state of California. This is a really great program, the kind of program that can really save lives — too bad bureaucratic shit prevented it from going into effect 4 years ago.

If you live in California please consider registering, and if you ever get a chance thank Sen. Jackie Speier.

4 Responses to “California Organ Donors Database – FINALLY!”

  1. Mr. Web Says:

    Hmm. Too bad we don’t have a national _system_.

  2. ethan-p Says:

    “Excellent, I think we can save him, although it will be quite a bit of work, and I’m not sure he can afford the cost of treatment.”

    “Doctor, his tests came back, he’s type-O negative, and he’s got a healthy liver, as well as two healthy kidneys…and we checked the database, he’s on the donor list.”

    “Oooh — looks like I missed something…he’s a goner for sure. Better pull the plug and harvest his organs.”

    Ok, it’s an unlikely scenario, but I’m still afraid to sign up.

    Screw organ donation, I want cloned organs! Can we just screw the Jesus people for a second and start cloning organs and whatnot?

  3. Rise Against Says:

    Very interesting Ethan. Scary, but interesting.

    I’m all for cloning to produce organs.

  4. Robert Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I Live in Queensland, Australia and I think I heard on the news recently that we have the same situation as you guys but like you we are now implimenting donars, Good going I think.

    I once heard this story that a Donar had an accident and was still alive but the doctors made some sort of mistake and took the organs anyway!!.

    Although I believe that Donors are a Great idea I am too frightened my self to be a donor in case some frankenstien doctor stuffs up the Job

    Being a Dr. myself I have seen some cases.

    All the Best…..the good Doctor

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