Two Years In

The war in Iraq has now lasted two years. US military deaths in the conflict during the month of February were down a bit; for the first time in a number of months the count dipped (barely) below 60, to 58.

Again, I’m getting these figures from the advanced search tool at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund site, and from Lunaville’s page on Iraq coalition casualties. The figures are for the number of US dead per month, without regard to whether the deaths were combat-related.

The first graph shows the first 24 months of each war. (Click on any image for a larger version.)

Next, the same chart, with the Vietnam numbers extended out to cover the first four years of the war:

Finally, the chart that gives the US death toll for the entire Vietnam war:

Disclaimer: I’m aware that we have more troops in-theater in Iraq than we had during the corresponding parts of the Vietnam War graph. Vietnam didn’t get numbers of US troops comparable to the number currently in Iraq until shortly after Johnson won the 1964 election, some three-and-a-half years after the starting point of the Vietnam graphs above.

These graphs are not intended to show the relative lethality of the two conflicts on a per-soldier basis. I was just curious how the “death profile” of the two wars compared, and these graphs let me see that. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

4 Responses to “Two Years In”

  1. Rise Against Says:

    Rathy scarey, isn’t it? There’s already 1,000 American children who have lost a parent is this illegal war. Thousands of Iraqi children are now orphans.

    Meanwhile, I go to my p2p file sharing program and type in ‘Iraq’. Wow, if you thought the Abu Garib prison thing was something, theres some home videos on there of US soldiers doing some pretty repulsive things to wounded and dead Iraqis. Disgusting stuff.

  2. » The New Normal Says:

    […] mented this morning on how one can find all kinds of graphic video on p2p networks showing US soldiers doing some pretty repulsive things to wounded and dead Iraqis. That […]

  3. Patriot Says:

    once again as Ive said every time youve posted this “DEATH UPDATE” this doesn’t help the soldiers.

  4. Rise Against Says:

    Check this out:

    So what does help the soldiers Patriot? Sending them into a war with no plan? Not giving them sufficient armour/tools that they need?

    So maybe if the soldiers actually saw the numbers of their fallen comrades, it would help them.

    It would help them understand what a mess their lying, deceitful president got them in.

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