Noah Calls Bullshit

Courtesy Jeanne of Body and Soul in the piece I just linked to, here’s Slate’s Timothy Noah with something very much up the alley: Defining bullshit.

2 Responses to “Noah Calls Bullshit”

  1. J.A.Y.S.O.N. Says:

    This is what is wrong with academia, why in the fuck does a philosophy professor have to write a essay on defining bullshit? This is the kind of self-indulgent, masturbatory essay that is essentially inconsequential to the man on the street, who knows what bullshit is. The real question is when are you being bullshitted, which this kind of tripe really doesn’t help with at all.

    And I’m also not sold on the idea that we live in an era of unprecedented bullshit. That this 21st century America and this presidency are responsible for more bullshit generation than well, any other particular presidency in the 20th century, or 19th, etc.

    The only reliable barmometer for bullshit that I’ve seen is how well the statement in question jibes with the listeners preconcieved notions.

    I’m only writing this because I’m bored.

  2. Robert Says:

    I agree J A Y S O N,

    iT’S ALL bULLSHIT HEY !! I wish Some body would come up with an interesting Topic instead of this SHIT

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