Four. More. Years.

Kerry concedes; I make good on my bet with Michael Williams:

Four. More. Years.

11 Responses to “Four. More. Years.”

  1. Michael Williams Says:

    Ah, sweet, sweet victory. This, plus quadrupling my money on TradeSports makes me a happy camper.

  2. a_stupid_box Says:

    Congrats to everyone who voted for Bush. You’ve “won.” Enjoy your victory in the unemployment lines, sick in your beds in your homes because you can’t afford to go to a hospital, and over your friends’ and neighbors’ graves after the worldwide backlash over the U.S.’s horrible international relations.

  3. Thom Says:

    …not to mention suffering from shingles and gout!

  4. Craig Says:

    You’re a good sport and an honorable wagerer.

    You didn’t even try to sneak around the agreement by holding a Bush sign while wearing a Kerry shirt, or something like that!!

    Actually, in seeing your picture, you kinda remind me of my old college room-mate, who is a very liberal person. He even convinced me to vote for John Anderson in 1980!!

  5. hossman Says:

    You look a lot older now then i’m used to visualizing.

    How much of that aging is from the kids, and how much is from this election?

  6. Sven Says:

    Kinda Harry Potterish pose. Too bad the evil Voldomort has won this round.
    Four more years of strategery. Osama Bin Hidin must be happy.

  7. IXLNXS Says:


    We have four more years of HOBO.

    Hecklers Of Bush Online.

    Rejoice that for another four years should the US and world still be here, we shall be allowed to heckle Bush and his party. His administration and policy. His lack of leadership and inability to balance any form of budget. And after eight years of Bush with the country sinking fast we can ask aloud which among us had voted for this idiot twice and look around to see hanging heads among us.

    So no sulking or sniveling. There’s much work left for HOBO’s. Get out there and start attacking the massive amount of failings we already know about until he makes a new one. It’s not like it’s even that hard to do.

  8. Alex Says:

    Nice post M.W.
    A little gloat, and then a brag about personally profitting from the election result. Very Republican of you.
    Would have scored a 10 on the GOP-scale if you’d been more jingoistic and included an “amen”.

  9. Tuesday Says:

    You shall now be struck down by lightning.

  10. brayden Says:

    At least The Daily Show will continue to be really funny.

  11. Patriot Says:

    [evil laugh] Mwahahahahahahahaha!

    Actually now even i’m getting back to critizing Bush, here’s an opening volley: His lack of responsible immigration policy is turning us into the United States of Mexico On Drugs sending an engraved invitiation to terrorists around the world, saying “Welcome to Mexico 2.0, amegos!”

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