I Bet My Favorite Bush-Supporting Weblogger That Kerry Will Win

Heh. It is so on, Michael Williams: Election 2004.

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  1. Tuesday Says:

    What’s the prize when you win?

  2. John Callender Says:

    Assuming it happens, Michael has to post a picture on his weblog showing him holding a Kerry/Edwards campaign sign. If Bush wins, I have to do the same with a Bush/Cheney sign.

  3. Michael Williams Says:

    So when will you concede?

  4. David Says:

    When Kerry concedes. Obviously.

    It’s 1:20AM Central time, and this is fascinating. I can’t go to sleep until at least Dan Rather does, and I’m just watching what’s going on.

  5. Tom Buckner Says:

    It’s interesting that very often the people who most stridently insist that humans are nothing more than puppets of an insane god are also the people who purposefully blind themselves to the lessons that nature teaches.

    You ReTHUGlicans think tomorrow will be yesterday, with chrome.

    You could not be more wrong.

    We live in a world on the knife edge of changes only wounded souls like me can imagine.

    Sir Martin Rees, sir, Astronomer Royal to the British and no dumbass, says the human race has but a 50% chance of surviving to the 22nd Century, Common Era.
    We now have the power to unleash pandemics, holocausts, plagues of killer nanobots. And you voted for a dry-drunk deserter failed businessman who thinks Jesus will come and wipe our asses for us when the ice caps melt and we plunge ourselves into some final war.

    Do you know who Vincent Bugliosi is, sir?

    He is the prosecutor who sent Charles Manson to prison for the Tate-LaBianca murders. He’s a bestselling author. One of his most recent books, about the election of 2000, holds that five people currently on the Supreme Court belong in the same penal system as Charlie Manson.

    Diebold, sir, Diebold. A private company run by staunch ReTHUGs and producing an insecure electronic vote machine, which JUST HAPPENED to let several Thuggee in 2002 get elected even though exit polls gave a result so different as to be “mathematically near impossible.”

    If Democrats did even a few of the things your Party has done over the last quarter century, you would howl “Treason!”

    Ah, but Anus C**tler does that already.

    Just this evening I saw Bob Novak on CNN calling Democrats hypocrites. Novak, who whored himself to unnamed criminals in the White House to expose an active CIA agent. Do you know what Valerie Plame Wilson’s job was? She traveled in the Middle East trying to find out how much OIL they have. You see, the Gulf states have all been lying. They don’t have anywhere near the reserves they claim to have (OPEC allocates sales as a percentage of reserves, so exaggeration lets them sell more).
    Soon, I imagine, we will go to war with Iran. Iran has a nuclear program. They say they need their nuclear power plants for energy.

    What a silly idea! Iran, need nuclear electricity!

    But if they do, then riddle me this:
    What will you be driving in ten years?
    It’s called peak oil, and I didn’t make it up.

    If not for Thuggee energy policies since Reagan, we would NEVER HAVE NEEDED TO GET INTO THIS GULF MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    That hurt my fingers. I am too good a writer to indulge in such gauche form unless my fury is volcanic.

    In the 1970’s you got a big tax credit for putting solar panels on your house. That’s why 35 year old houses with solar hot water are fairly common. It was a start, okay? A syn-fuel program of the late ’70’s was a boondoggle, and Carter opposed it, but MOST environmental programs made this place a lot better than it would be. Progress was being made. Conservation and renewable energy research were funded. Reagan put a stop to that. Remember, there has been a Bush in every election since 1980, except 1996. Oil politics led to the first Gulf War, and to 9-11, and so to this sorry state.

    What? You have doubts? Where the hell do you think Saddam got all that money he spent on weapons? Where the hell do you think Bin Laden’s money comes from? Those lunatics were pretty harmless when they were poor.

    And the Pentagon, not the Sierra Club bot the PentaFingGon, is seriously worried about the military roles it might have to play in a world ravaged by global warming. O, but the GOPOilco. says it’s a myth. When people start sailing boats around Canada, then tell me what manner of myth. Or when London freezes up like Yakutsk.
    Wars start over ecology.
    The Janjaweed covet Darfur because their old grazing land is turning to dust.

    And what wars!
    President Bush did the worst thing he could do to our soldiers.
    He forced them to be the Redcoats. Win or lose, they’re still the Redcoats.

    He has not shown the world we are strong. When the Chinese hear that there is but one superpower, they snicker. Our homes are full of their products. We owe them a king’s ransom. They’re building missiles so fast that our naval designers are not sure if they can stop them.

    We’re short a good chunk of an infantry division. Anyone who says Bush will not start a draft is a fool. The groundwork is being laid, and when you see the foundation dug, look for a house to be built. This is predictable. Just like the war was predictable as soon as Congress fell for the authorization shell game, in which the White House said the Congressional authorization was only in case the Iraqis refused the arms inspectors and the U.N. gave a green light with a new resolution. Once the Congress agreed to this, the war preparations moved on. According to various reports I saw, I expected a late February invasion, timed for the same weather as before. It came a full month later, but not late enough to erode my belief that it was coming.

    Now we are in a real Vietnam, but worse. When we left Saigon, they let us go. They did not torment us with suicide bombings in America.

    Weakness. Blood is in the water. The world knows we are becoming mad and weak. They hoped we would become sane, and regain our strength, if we would use it sanely. If we remain mad we will weaken further. And Bush already threw away our best shield: the love of most of the world. We saved them from Hitler. We landed on the moon. We made the Internet (and Gore helped, you asshole. He got it funds.) America has been the jewel of the world, and the world knew it. But then we were taken over by GOP thieves, and we became a bad friend…

    If the deficit becomes unserviceable, the world will see that we are no longer a good investment. If the United States defaults in its Bush-bought debts: and don’t say it could never happen (look what he did in four years!): if we default, not only we but the world will face a Depression. Thanks, thuggee. Oh, and we’re shorthanded in the forces and can’t afford the best weapons any more. (Didn’t you read your Dunnigan and Bay? Military power is based on economic power.)

    And our economic power will decline because of the brain drain. Remember when anybody smart who could defect from the Soviet Union and make a good buck in the West would leap to take the chance? Well, Americans won’t be doing stem cell research if Bush goes on. In fact, we’ll train biologists who believe in creationism. Bet they do great work. Any guesses what else a Bush imperium might ban?

    With more Bushism, I would predict: expensive, wasteful foreign adventures; environment and economy in a tandem death spiral; steady diminution of the United States until it is a second-rate power, which may then be invaded or break up; a deepening theofascist/feudal regime not so different from some of those in Central and South America that the ReThugTards supported in decades past, with death squads and hunger for all.

    And don’t forget what Sir Martin said. Bombs and ozone and sickness. A gourd full of ashes. Do not call up that which you cannot put down. Save the unborn, not only of today but of a thousand years hence?

    Maybe I shouldn’t be mad at you. When vintners make champagne, they add yeast to the juice and seal the bottle. The yeast eats the sugar, turns it to alcohol, and in the end dies. I think this metaphor is the property of Vonnegut. Point is, maybe monkeys always overrun the cage, even if it’s 8000 miles across. Maybe we are just made that way. Maybe it’s God that I am angry at. For making us a little smart and a lot stupid. For making me just smart enough to think about a future I can’t change. For taunting me with visions of lost heavens and dead worlds.

    But fuck you, anyway, for being even smaller and weaker than me, in your cowardly soul.
    Thanks again for really thinking things through for all of us, you Con-Men.

  6. Tony D Says:

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Just kidding I’m not happy about a Bush win either but think about what would have happened if Kerry won. Do you really think it would have changed things in Iraq? Either way Iraq is going to loom large in the next four years this way Georgie has to face his mistakes instead of pawning them off on a Democratic admin. Had Kerry won the war would still go badly, and the American electorate being possessed of a short memory would lay that fault on Kerry not Bush for his poor initial performance as commander in chief.

  7. Thom Says:

    Tom forgot all the cases of shingles and gout which will doubtlessly arise from Bush’s election.

  8. Tom Buckner Says:

    Had Kerry won, the world would start to trust us again. He would have had a chance to redefine what’s going on in Iraq (best approach, in my opinion: divide the country into Kurd, Sunnia and Shiite sections, arrange land swaps for those who wish to move to a different enclave, guarantee the new states against foreign attack, and get the hell out by spring).

    I’ve heard others say now Bush is stuck with his own mess. You underestimate how bad things can get before he is called to account. Apparently, things weren’t quite bad enough yet! How bout that.

    You can get a surveillance camera for a hundred bucks that’s no bigger than a golf ball. Soon they will get smaller and cheaper. Just try rising up against the fascists when they have surveillance on every street.
    Was this really the last chance? Well, it was the last GOOD one.

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