Readers on the 2004 Election’s Aftermath

I can’t seem to turn on the TV without hearing “This is the most important election of our lives” and “If you think you’ll know who the next president is on the morning of November 3rd, you’ll be in for a suprise.” I’m inclined to agree, but it begs the question: what’s the big issue everyone will be fixated on starting Tuesday night? Lots of things will probably go wrong, but we’re a nation with a short attention span, so what’s the One Big Thing that will grab the attention of everyone and their lawyers?

  • Computer Voting Fraud ?
  • Computer Crashes with no paper backup ?
  • Colorado’s EC Vote Proposition ?
  • Voters turned away from crowded polls ?
  • Counting of provisional ballots ?
  • Counting of absentee ballots ?
  • Counting of ballots from soldiers over seas ?
  • Osama being captured on Monday ?
  • Hanging Chads ?
  • Alien Invasion ?

…sound off folks, nows your chance to prove you can predict the future.

20 Responses to “ Readers on the 2004 Election’s Aftermath”

  1. John F. Says:

    I think it will be a mix of three fo the first four:

    Computer VOting Fraud
    Computer Crashes and
    Voters Turned away

    With Florida’s challenge system in place (illegal as it is no one standing up to fight it) along with Diebold’s “Guarantee” of Ohio going the way of Bush, it just seems like the issues that already exist will continue to be the issues that will determine the election.

    Anyone want to start a pool on when a candidate will concede?

  2. ymatt Says:

    I predict a break toward Kerry of great enough magnitude to take enough states out of error margins to give him the victory. Surprisingly uneventful. Bush pouts and concedes. Cheney drops an f-bomb.

  3. Tom Buckner Says:

    Computer Fraud
    People Turned Away
    Criscrossing Lawsuits
    No concession for weeks, if that.
    Bush never made a mistake. Why would he start now? Conceding His Imperial Office would be a mistake, as it is an admission that he could not find any way to get more votes. Bush will never make a mistake. It would be a dangerous interference with the electoral process for an opposing candidate to try to move into the White House before Bush concedes, which he will not. The Supreme COurt and COngress would never stand for it. Anyway, HAVA of 2002 clearly states that only John Ashcroft is legally empowered to open vote-fraud cases. As he sees fit. It would send a dangerous message if the President showed weakness before seditious Democrat politicians trying to stir up public sentiment to further their careers. The President would not make such a foolish mistake. So maybe the Democrats could point to lots of alleged voters who say their votes were not counted or they were prevented from going to the polls, but the rules say that only valid votes are considered valid. Those are just the rules. The Democrats better stop causing trouble and accept defeat gracefully. There’s always 2008. Any unrest in the streets will be dealt with forcefully and swiftly. Democrats should stay in their homes unless summoned to police headquarters. If you are a Democrat lawyer, please report to police headquarters.

  4. Brian Says:

    close election, widespread fraud and intimidation (most of which will be ignored by the media), bush/cheney/rove sue their way into four more years of immorality and outright evil.

    and if you think they ran the country like they had a mandate last time…hoo boy!

  5. Steffen Says:

    This one is anybody’s guess. Don’t believe the pundits: Bush will eke out an electoral majority in the end, and we may or may not know this on november 3rd. If there is no clear victor by then and no one concedes, there will be violence. And it will be uglier than anyone ever imagined, beacause passions are so high. It is either a very sad or exciting moment in our history, depending on how you look at it. The brilliance of it is that with the electronic voting machines, no one will be able to prove fraud one way or the other, and no one in the mass mesia will dare investigate allegations seen as too partisan.

  6. John Callender Says:

    I can’t predict. I want to believe John Zogby that enough undecideds will break late for Kerry to give him the election, but I don’t see any reason to think that even if that happens, the losing side will be at all graceful about it. And if Bush wins again in a disputed process, I think the ABB crowd would be extremely pissed, with some of them pissed to the point of being overtly violent.

    So yeah, in any scenario I forsee ugliness or worse. But I don’t have any particular sense of what part of that ugliness will be the most noteworthy.

  7. johnk Says:

    Kerry is super rich to be the president of people like me. Now Kerry and Teresa Heinz want kiss black folks.. like me, for our votes and if they are elected, they will go back to their elite circle with rich friends. What Kerry has done for black people lately? Vote for Nadar even if he will loose.

  8. Tuesday Says:

    All of the above and I’m sure a few more added in for good measure.
    Florida 2000 times 50. Wait, 48. Hawaii and Alaska, pissed that they’ve been ignored by the candidates, will secede from the union.

  9. Rich Says:

    I think the main story will be the huge voter turnout, with Kerry pulling out a bigger than expected victory. And the second story will be voter suppression efforts in swing states. There are a lot of people out there who will find out they aren’t on the rolls, even though they registered.

  10. Craig Says:

    Apparently, in the minds of many, in a scene straight out of a spagetti western, Bush and Cheney will make an election eve news conference. While wearing sombreros and panchos, and smoking stubby cigars, they will look into the cameras, laugh and say, “El-ections, we don’t need no stinking el-ections!”, then announce an official dictatorship and call it a day!

  11. hossman Says:

    I think Rich is definitely right, lots of people wil find out they aren’t registered, but that’s why I think Provisional Ballots will be a huge issue — both because people are denied the right to cast them (I’m guessing mainly because polling places with Electronic Polls will run out of the paper ballots need to cast a sealed provisional ballot) but mainly because of a intense scrutiny that will be placed on every last provisional ballot in the swing states. I envision newscasters discussing the residency status of individual voters and how it may affect the outcome.

    But! I’m not 100% convinced that the drama over provisional ballots will be the “big one” I’m torn between that, and computerized ballot tallies that don’t add up to the total number of people who voted, leading to demands of a “recount” that is physically impossible.

  12. Steve Says:

    Expect Rove to begin an onslaught of rhetoric and threats if the swing states lean kerry early. I pray the vote is close enough to pop Cheneys sickly stitched up cold black diseased heart!!!

  13. David Says:

    I hope Bush doesn’t go into Fallujah until after Tuesday, that would be totally uncool.

    I predict a larger-than-expected voter turnout leading to many states breaking for Kerry (MN, MI, PA, IA, WI). Florida and Ohio, with their electronic voting machines, are going to be very suspect. I predict voting machines tend to influence voters to vote for Bush in a highly suspicious fashion.

    But if the election is decided on Tuesday, it will be decided for Kerry. Party at my house.

  14. AnoCan Says:

    I heard a great quote from Seymour Hersh this morning. When asked about whether Bush would win, he said, “this is a country where 70 million people don’t believe in evolution.” His point? A very large number of Americans don’t trouble themselves with the facts — they believe what they are told to believe. Bush said the “war on terror” necessitated going to Iraq, therefore, it did.

    When Bush wins, and I think he will, the real question is: what are the two halves of America going to do? Will the half that believes things BECAUSE of facts be willing to submit to another four years of tyranny under the half that believes things DESPITE facts?

    My guess is no, and my prediction is this: violence, violence, violence.

    God, I am thankful to be a Canadian.

  15. Thomas Says:

    My prediction. Electorial Landslide in favor of Kerry.

  16. Jaybird Says:

    Kerry wins Majority, Electoral vote is gonna be tight. States where Bush Wins tight race, Kerry sues. States where Bush wins, Kerry sues.

    Anything that gets to the Supreme Court, Bush wins.

    People take to the streets to protest, police come out to maintain order, resulting in riots, and general anarchy. Somebody takes a pepperspray bullet to the temple and dies.

  17. Linda Says:

    Kerry, 320 electoral votes.

  18. Tom Buckner Says:

    Kerry DOES look like a landslide, if the Rethugs had no way to game the count. Unfortunately, they do. Diebold and other no-paper-trail electronic machines will count almost a third of the votes nationwide tomorrow. Rethugs turned losses into stastically near-impossible upsets in 2002 using vote-stealing machines. One victim was Max Cleland. Perhaps there’s a pro-American turncoat hacker or two at Diebold headquarters who will push back against the Thuggee?

  19. Patrick Says:

    John Titor.

  20. ymatt Says:


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