Philosoraptor on the 2000 Election’s Aftermath

I really like Winston Smith’s postings at Philosoraptor, but at first I skipped reading his latest, both because it was long and because it was about the post-election infighting in 2000, a subject that I didn’t really want to be thinking about right now, and figured I’d already thought about enough. But then I broke down and read it, and I’m glad I did. I encourage you to overcome your reflexive revulsion at the subject and do so, too: The case against Bush, part 2 –The Florida recount and what it revealed.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

The Democrats’ main argument was, in short: every vote should be counted. The Republicans’ main argument was, in short: give us the f*cking Presidency. Now.

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  1. johnk Says:

    What Kerry has done for the minority and the poor when he was in the Senate for the last more than 20 years? Nothing he talked too much and did very little. Now he wants to kiss me to get my vote forget man I am not a fool. You and your super rich wife aren’t getting my vote.

  2. Tuesday Says:

    Because Bush, the poverty sticken man that he is, is so much better. Give me a break.
    Back to the topic, Vanity Fair had an excellent, and long, article about the debacle known as Fla 2000. Insightful and very depressing.

  3. militaryfamilyX9 Says:

    Join in an all-denominational prayer for the election:
    Dear Friends,

    On Election Eve, Nov. 1, 2004 at 6:30 to 7:30 Central Time, we will have Prayers for The Highest Good For the United States.

    We will be bringing the presidential election into our awareness to hold it in Wholeness. With our united hearts we will open light and love for the election of US President on Tuesday. All are invited to share in a unified vision of goodness, peace and wise leadership for our country. Specific candidates will not be the focus.

    Please join us by teleconference at 503-767-1200, pin 9332#.
    Connie (Rev. Connie Huebner)

  4. theresasp Says:

    There are two sides of a story and some facts are usually omitted from the left. I think many folks forget the calling of Gore winning in Flordia before the polls closed in the panhandle cost Bush many votes — the news report on cBS was Gore won and the polls in Flordia closed. (but the polls weren’t closed in the panhandle’s heavy republican counties) It was clear after recounts based on unified standards that Bush won — however Gore almost stole it with media help calling the state early and with almost getting to “find” votes by using newly created standards when the rules on the books weren’t finding enough votes for Gore to win. Also, the every vote counts the left is using is BS — over 40% of military votes wern’t counted in Fl. 2000 election due to Dems lawyers. They were playing hard ball and made all of us wonder about the election process — I am worried about the left trying to steal another election, stuffing the ballot box and letting illegals vote — the best thing for the country would have been a statesmen concession by Gore — like Gore did at first. This election the issue of every vote should count legal or not is bull so is the voter intimidation stuff — I hope the GOP can stay strong on the ballot box stuffing and illegal votes issues — it has been a tactic of the dems for years. I think the last election opened the publics eyes to many things and now the issues are open. Democrats want every vote to count legal or not — The republicans want every legal vote to count. And if illegal votes are counted my vote is being disinfranchised. To say the blacks have been disinfranchised all these years is really questioning their and the publics intelligence — as we know how loud and vocal the NAACP and ACLU is and if there was any proof of the allegations there would have been big lawsuits. All the lefts allegations, hatred and shouting is much conspiracy and propaganda, quite hilteresque. All you need is allegations and smoke screens — forget the facts.


    The television news media called the state for Al Gore around 8:48pm EST, while voters in the western panhandle (which is in the Central Time Zone) of the state were still voting, potentially depressing the voter turnout. The media also announced polls were closed in Florida while polls in CST were open. A survey estimate by John McLaughlin & Associates ( put the number of voters who did not vote due to confusion as high as 15,000. This region of the state traditionally voted mostly Republican. The McLaughlin survey estimates the media announcements of closed polls and a Gore victory cost Bush a margin of 5,000 votes.

  5. Tom Buckner Says:

    theresasp, please. Please. Gimme a damn break. GO to and see how nefarious Bush machinations cost Gore at least 22,000 votes in Florida. This was reported by the BBC. I’ll give you the 5,000 if you give me the 22,000. That still leaves Gore 17,000.

  6. Tom Buckner Says:

    By the way, the left is not hilteresque. How dare you compare us to aldorf hilter.
    Did you know that the Republican ‘rent-a-mob’ that disrupted the Dade County recount was full of GOP congressional aides flown in for free, coordinated by GOPeratives in a RV parked nearby, and later entertained in a private hotel party by Wayne Newton?
    Rethuglicans aren’t just hilteresque, they listen to WAYNE NEWTON. Icky.

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