Sharlet on Bush’s Magical Thinking

A really nice response to the Suskind piece on Bush’s faith is this item by Jeff Sharlet of The Revealer: Our magical president.

Bush feels. The press, so far, does not. In grappling with Bush’s presidency, it has expanded its range, developed a more nuanced understanding of traditional Christian fundamentalism, recognized liberal evangelicalism, and acknowledged the limitations of Enlightenment thinking. But it still can’t account for the kind of magic that says, If you believe you can do something — become president despite losing the popular vote, launch a war without evidence, and maybe, if you REALLY believe, get re-elected anyway — you can.

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  1. Eric Lee Says:

    Yup, that was a great piece. My pastor even said it was a very important piece, and even preached part of his sermon last week on the Ron Suskind article (well, it was at least in part inspired by it). Not all churches are heretics. Some are indeed reality-based :)

  2. Courtney Ball & Josh Steward Says:


    United Methodists Call on George W. Bush and Richard Cheney to Repent

    Iowa City, IA – United Methodist Church members and clergy are bringing charges against President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney.

    “Our hope,” says Rev. Courtney Ball, “is that President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney will recognize the sinfulness of their actions, sincerely repent, and move on to change their ways.

    Organizers of the website, Courtney Ball and Josh Steward, are taking action as Christians and United Methodists who are desperate to hold two of their own accountable for their actions in starting an unjust war in Iraq.

    A letter of complaint at outlines the justification for bringing charges against President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney. The organizers call on all United Methodists Church members to read and sign the letter of complaint.

    According to Josh Steward, “We are taking this action as Christians who are desperate to hold two of our own accountable. We, as United Methodists, understand that it is our duty to support and encourage our members and our leaders, and we have been doing so faithfully through prayers and petitions. But enough is enough. The guidance of our bishops and our church-members has been ignored by the respondents for too long. Too many people have died or suffered from the sins of these two men. Now it is time for them to answer for their actions with repentance, to turn back and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, or to be judged for not doing so.”

    The letter of complaint can be viewed at is not a formal organization, but rather an independent United Methodist Church members and clergy acting together towards a common goal.


    Rev. Courtney Ball & Josh Steward

    United Methodists Call for Accountable Leadership

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