Waldman: Watch Bush Go to Iraq

From Paul Waldman: Get yer October surprise here. Bush is at the ranch with “nothing” scheduled for two days.

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  1. Sven Says:

    Apparantly Bush’s plans have changed, and he now has “something” scheduled for Sunday and Monday. I read this on http://www.dailykos.com

    Ohio and Florida remain central to Kerry’s Electoral College strategy. But for Bush, has Ohio been demoted? He’s not going to start spending a lot of time in Ohio over the next few days after his Canton toe-touch. Here’s his schedule after the Saturday trip to Florida: New Mexico on Sunday, Colorado and Iowa on Monday, and Wisconsin and Iowa on Tuesday. (Sunday’s Alamogordo, N.M., rally is a change from the schedule issued two days ago, which showed President Bush spending the day at his Crawford ranch, with no public events. The late-inning vacation is one mistake from 2000 that Bush has apparently decided not to repeat.)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you

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