Pathologizing Conservatism – or – It’s Not A Lifestyle Choice

Props to my buddy mark for pointing to this piece, which documents that conservatives don’t choose to be the way they are, it’s genetic. Normally, I’d brush this off as a “Net Kooks” rant, but they do cite some respectible research. The conclusion’s drawn in the article should defintiely be questioned, but there is some scientific merit to the discussion.

This article also contains the “Quote of the Week” as far as I’m concerned…

Whether it be an unfortunate evolutionary holdover or a mental disease transmitted by our parents—the science is apparently still up in the air—academic researchers have surely amassed enough evidence of psychopathology that conservatism can listed in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Reasonable people, such as the distinguished academic researchers cited here, will no doubt agree that until effective treatments can be developed, we should reconsider whether sufferers of conservatism, like other mental defectives, should be allowed freely to exercise the franchise.

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  1. Josh Narins Says:

    And here I was blaming the academics for our current problems.

    Hypothetically, they _could_ be the “smart” people explaining the situation our current reality to the fantasty-land-inhabitants.

    Instead, they _were_ doing something. neat.

  2. Eric Lee Says:

    My only problem with this is that I used to totally be a die hard conservative. I listened to Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and read the Tim LaHaye Left Behind series, and I sincerely believed in it all and their world view. After going to PLNU, we had a chapel speaker who opened my eyes up to realizing that there is more truth inside of the boxes we set for ourselves. My box was the Family Christian Bookstores, and nothing outside of those was worthy.

    I’m still a Christian, but quick look at my blog would reveal that I’ve pretty much done a 180 from that kind of conservatism. I was harshly judgemental back then, and I was also a kid. Ever since my pastor said he follows the news so that he’s not seen as a “kneejerk pacifist,” I’ve pretty much been keeping up with current events and liberal/peace-minded and Christian blogs since then.

    I think they should have included me in their research, cuz I’m clearly the exception :P Sorry for how conceded this comment is, but it’s interesting to note that there are people who do not fit their mold–me being one of them.

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