Print Journalism Isn’t Completely Worthless

Sometimes on my commute home, I find the remnents of a newspaper on the train seat next to me, and I skim it. Usually nothing catches my eye, but in the handfull of pages of today’s San Francisco Chronicle, there were two items that caught my eye.

First up was a front page story about Jon Stewart, his impact on youth voters, his Crossfire appearance, and his acknowledgement that he plans on voting for Kerry. In particular: that his fan based doesn’t really care who he plans on voting for; and what really draws them in is “Stewart’s indictment of the system

Second, was Jon Carroll’s own indictment of the system. Or more specifically, his opinions of the debates, the things the candidates lied about, the things we let them lie about because we’re too scared to admit the truth, and things he wishes he would have heard.

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