Wangari Maathai Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize Committee, in their wisdom, help shift my all-Bush/all-Iraq/all-the-time focus, at least momentarily, with this timely announcement about women’s-rights and forest-planting activist Wangari Maathai: Kenyan environmental activist wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Way to shake that tree.

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  1. Wilfred Says:

    I thank her for taking the discussion of of Irak and how wrong the war is. We all know how wrong the war started but the real discussion should be how to end it in a way the Iraqi people would find agreable and not leave them taking care of this mess alone. But I must object to her getting the Nobel Peace Prize seeing she thinks AIDS is a biological weapon used to eliminate the world of black people. All races get this frightning disease so I think her reasoning is in fact racist, and racists shouldn’t get the NPP.

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