More on the ‘Is Bush Wired?’ Thing

People continue to be interested in this issue of Bush’s having received (or not received) secret help via a wireless transmitter at the first presidential debate. Since traffic on is running about three times higher than normal, with virtually all of the difference coming from an influx of people interested in the question of Bush’s electronic voices, I figure I’ll give the people what they want, and update you with some more links.

First up, from BBC News: Bush’s bulge stirs media rumours.

Next, from Elizabeth Busmiller of the New York Times: The mystery of the bulge in the jacket.

With the leading innocent explanation for the lump currently being a ridge of fabric caused by Bush’s leaning forward on the podium, Jerome Doolittle of Bad Attitudes goes a bit deeper into the story, digging up an earlier article about Bush’s tailor, Georges de Paris: The customer is always right.

From a forum comes some interesting discussion of the different appearance of Bush’s back at the two debates: From ‘T’ to ‘Hump’ – Who’s “got” Bush’s back?

Finally, from a posting at Bush’s mystery bulge.

Enjoy yourselves, fellow conspirators!

3 Responses to “More on the ‘Is Bush Wired?’ Thing”

  1. Thom Says:

    “Notice The Beatles standing behind the drum in the center of the photo. They are standing sideways except for Paul who is facing directly forward. John, Ringo, and George look *three dimensional* while Paul looks like one of the cardboard cutouts.
    * Paul is the only one holding a black instrument. Black is associated with death. This may seem insignificant now, but it turns up a few more times.
    * This is the first occasion where we see an open palm above Paul McCartney’s head. There are many different theories as to what this signifies. It is generally taken to mean either that the person under the open palm will soon die or has recently passed away. As you will see, this turns up quite a few times…”

  2. TrueGrit Says:

    Apparently he wears it at the ranch too…

  3. Ringo Starr Says:

    I would like to know what the Beatles would have said about George! What the world would be today if the name of the president was Ringo instead of George.
    Discuss about Ringo Bush on

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