Yglesias on Krugman on Bush Lying (Or Not)

Matthew Yglesias has this interesting commentary on an email he received from Paul Krugman. It deals with the subject of whether or not it’s really “lying” when Bush says something hypertechnically true that nevertheless creates a false impression. The commentary is really more about the media, and the role they play in reliably conveying the misleading impression to its intended audience, than about Bush, though: Who parses the parsers?

Kevin Drum wants to make sure we know he was talking about Bush’s particular approach to lying since October of last year, too: Classifying the lies.

Anyway, we couldn’t be the obsessed-with-public-figure-mendacity weblog-of-record that we are without acknowledging the discussion. Plus I can get some cheap traffic via the trackback links. So there you go.

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